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Top 37 Quotes About Me For Facebook

#1. People always try to put a title or a symbol on you. If you work in a bank, you are a banker. For me, they see a co-founder of Facebook. - Author: Eduardo Saverin
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#2. I am annoyed by people that send messages via FaceBook because I get an e-mail telling me there is a message on FaceBook - so I end up processing two messages for every one sent. - Author: Vint Cerf
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#3. For me, the fiction writer's job is to take the small, stupid process of learning to use an iPhone - and suddenly you're the guy who's asking your daughter, "When I go on Facebook, can it see me?" - Author: George Saunders
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#4. I'm a very sensitive person by nature. Things move me very easily, like music or videos on Facebook, and I feel for people. - Author: Sarah Hay
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#5. As a Facebook user, do I have control of the data Facebook keeps about me? Concretely: can I examine and modify that data using tools of my choosing which are built for my needs? - Author: Eric S. Raymond
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#6. Many of the things that stifle growth are morally neutral. They're not bad things. Facebook is not bad. Television and movies are not bad. I enjoy TV, but it doesn't take long for me to begin to find humorous on TV what the Lord finds heartbreaking. - Author: Matt Chandler
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#7. When I was in high school, I got bullied through social media - on the Internet, on my Facebook. That was hard for me, and I think social media has made it easy for people to bully other people on-line because they can just post anything they want anonymously. - Author: Alexia Fast
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#8. Twitter and Facebook and all of this stuff is, to me, I mean it's, for some reason - I'm probably not the youngest person using it. But for some reason, it works very well. I'm setting records. - Author: Donald Trump
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#9. In the past, a writer had to go outside and get to know others before learning about their work, but the Internet has made humanity more accessible for misanthropes like me. I read blogs, tweets, Facebook posts and Reddit threads where people detail their jobs. - Author: Victor LaValle
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#10. The writing comes first for me. Not Facebook, not Twitter, not the Internet or signings or merchandise, or 'the career.' Everything begins and ends with the writing for me, and I build my entire life around sitting my butt down 365 days a year. - Author: Jessica Bird
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#11. It took less time to build 'Instagram' than it did for me to get my work visa. The app was an instant hit, and Facebook agreed to acquire the startup for about $1 billion in April 2012. - Author: Mike Krieger
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#12. The evening makes me think Facebook is a blessing and a curse. Sure, it helps us keep track of people with whom we otherwise would have fallen out of touch. But sometimes relationships fade for a reason. They're better left a memory. - Author: Rachel Bertsche
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#13. As content strategist Jonathon Colman, who works for Facebook, told me: "Start with empathy. Continue with utility. Improve with analysis. Optimize with love. - Author: Ann Handley
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#14. We need to tell your brother."
And that would be terrifying. For Jase. But I smiled. "Maybe I'll just update my Facebook to 'in a relationship' and tag you?"
Jase snickered and then dropped another kiss on my forehead. "That should go over well. - Author: J. Lynn
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#15. I don't have a Facebook page and I don't think I will but Twitter for me is a way to take control of the message. Kind of wrestle it back. It's something I'm enjoying. - Author: Tom Colicchio
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#16. DMX wasn't checking what his fans were saying to him on Twitter or Facebook. Jay-Z is on a boat in Saint-Tropez. I'm hands-on. Girls write to me like I'm their diary. That's a huge responsibility. I don't take it for granted. - Author: Theophilus London
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#17. Don't get me wrong: I love social websites like Facebook and Twitter, but I think it creates way too many opportunities for young people to bully. - Author: Jillian Rose Reed
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#18. From what I've found a lot of people on Facebook are desperate for recognition and social interaction. They want me to find them, to gaze into their lives and notice them. PAY ATTENTION. - Author: Peter Jelen
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#19. I don't know what's hipper: to Facebook or to Twitter. I just know for me, personally, discretion never went out of style. - Author: John Ridley
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#20. Thanks to social media like Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads, I can easily reach out to so many people. Being a writer gives me the added bonus of a targeted audience: readers, who enjoy targeted 'prizes' for participation in fundraisers - books and other neat promo items. - Author: Lori Foster
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#21. Even though I knew my way around Facebook, Twitter terrified me. RT? OH? Hootsuite? Huh? My Twitter-savvy friends attempted to explain what a hashtag was, but, still mystified, I signed up for an online Twitter 101 class. Yes. I'm geeky like that. - Author: Sarah Mlynowski
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#22. I do Facebook, but I only have my friends and family on it, and they always laugh at me for how little I post. I don't know how to upload photos, so I never add pictures. - Author: Joanne Froggatt
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#23. Hey, why this person blocked me?", "WTF, this guy I know him!", "WTF this guy I don't know but he has send me request???", "Oh,oh That's the famous singer from the TV!! I know that person, I know him?!, I know him!?"... This is called the future - so my question is are you prepared for this? - Author: Deyth Banger
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#24. I've never gone on Facebook and am not sure I understand it. The same goes for Twitter. I have someone sending tweets and pretending to be me, but I don't know why. - Author: David Sedaris
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#25. All I know is that I carried you for nine months. I fed you, I clothed you, I paid for your college education. Friending me on Facebook seems like a small thing to ask in return. - Author: Jodi Picoult
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#26. Does Facebook behave like a tool in my hand, or a firehose designed to spew at me in accordance with other peoples' agendas? Concretely: can I write my own client to present a filtered view of the Facebook stream, or have other people do that for me? - Author: Eric S. Raymond
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#27. I might seem biased, but I use Evernote every day. It came to me through my readers, who I'd asked for software recommendations via Twitter and Facebook. For seemingly every function, the answer was 'Man, you have to use Evernote.' - Author: Timothy Ferriss
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#28. In a lot of ways Berlin is a symbol for me of Facebook's mission: bringing people together, connecting people and breaking down boundaries. - Author: Mark Zuckerberg
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#29. Gen Y is really quite distinct from Gen X; it's really self-involved and very narcissistic - their cameras are filled with pictures of themselves; Facebook, it's about me. It's a generation that's been pampered by their parents and their schools, given prizes for just taking part. - Author: Marcus Buckingham
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#30. I keep in touch with my fans by keeping a blog online and I try to answer questions every day. I also have a twitter and a facebook. I think that social networking gives authors a unique insight in the minds of their fans and for me that is very valuable. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#31. I never wanted to run a company.To me a business is a good vehicle for getting stuff done. Mark Zuckerberg in The Facebook Effect written by David Kirkpatrick - Author: David Kirkpatrick
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#32. I have a Facebook page for me and my friends and a Twitter page. - Author: Maisie Williams
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#33. Thank you, Facebook Quizzes, for helping me identify my Disney princess spirit, my old-person name, my mental disorder, and the color of my soul. All in one evening. Best, Ariel Harriet Schizophrenic Mauve. - Author: Jen Hatmaker
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#34. Remember all of the 'me too' social networks built just to have a social feature Facebook and MySpace didn't have? I built one for political discussion called Essembly. It enabled unique and potentially transformative social interactions, but only 20,000 people ever used it. - Author: Joe Green
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#35. Twitter and Facebook are such amazing networks for me to introduce myself to the world and for fans around the world to introduce themselves to me. - Author: Jenn Proske
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#36. I don't have Facebook or Twitter accounts yet. Being a compulsive storyteller, I always make up for myself discouraging stories about how such accounts will get me into embarrassing and time-consuming situations. - Author: Etgar Keret
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#37. If I were to run for president, then people would debate the pros and cons of what's wrong with me in increasingly aggressive 140 character tweets and Facebook status updates, and, inevitably, everyone would end up fighting. - Author: Jen Lancaster
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