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#1. I can think and play stuff in classical music that possibly violinists who didn't have access to other types of music could never do. It means I'm more flexible within classical music, to be a servant to the composer. - Author: Nigel Kennedy
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#2. In his bestseller, The Shallows, Nicholas Carr argues that in the Internet age we are losing our capacity for deep thinking, reading, and conversation. - Author: Michael S. Horton
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#3. Choices after waking up: To be true or to lie? To take action or be brainwashed? To be free or be jailed? - Author: Ai Weiwei
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#4. Every war was the precursor for the wars that followed, a slaughter that justified the slaughters to come. And - Author: Daniel Abraham
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#5. The most eloquent eulogy of capitalism was made by its greatest enemy. Marx is only anti-capitalist in so far as capitalism is out of date. - Author: Albert Camus
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#6. Music and fashion inspire each other. - Author: Ashley Tisdale
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#7. To compromise, Only do so if you want to agree with the request. - Author: Auliq Ice
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#8. The law which attempts a man's life [capital punishment] is impractical, unjust, inadmissible. It has never repressed crime
for a second crime is every day committed at the foot of the scaffold. - Author: Marquis De Sade
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#9. I don't have the activist temperament. I like listening to divergent points of view and hearing people out. I like getting along. I even like being liked, although activists of any stripe should get rid of that handicap at the outset. - Author: Victoria Moran
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#10. To a considerable degree, all minority groups suffer from the same state of marginality with its haunting consequences of insecurity, conflict, and irritation. - Author: Gordon W. Allport
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#11. Our happiness relies more on hope, faith and our inner values than on anything outside ourselves. - Author: Angela Burt-Murray
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#12. Appreciate how rare and full of potential your situation is in this world, then take joy in it, and use it to your best advantage. - Author: Dalai Lama
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#13. A lot of women have trouble with their mothers-in-law."
Raphael's look was priceless. "My mother is an insane archangel. - Author: Nalini Singh
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