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Top 20 Quotes About Makeup Art

#1. I love playing with makeup. Makeup has become a thing where it's an art form. It's not a thing where you use it because you need to feel beautiful or because you don't like the way you look.


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#2. I had a blog and was documenting my life as a college student in an art school. I had a few comments left by a few girls asking if I could do a tutorial on how I did my makeup. I didn't think my makeup was all that special, but I try my best to share whatever I can with my viewers.

Michelle Phan

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#3. The real issue has nothing to do with whether women wear makeup or don't, gain weight or lose it, have surgery or shun it, dress up or down, make our clothing and faces and bodies into works of art or ignore adornment altogether. The real problem is our lack of choice.

Naomi Wolf

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#4. Something about music urges us to engage with its larger context, beyond the piece of plastic it came on-it seems to be part of our genetic makeup that we can be so deeply moved by this art form. Music resonates in so many parts of the brain that we can't conceive of it being an isolated thing.

David Byrne

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#5. Another interesting fact is people become more intelligent as they age, gaining about one IQ point every ten years. Against the stereotype, it's not all downhill after forty. There is hope for me

James Tagg

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#6. KERRYANNE: Well, if I'm so spectacular why did my husband leave me for her?"
KURT: (Poor baby.) Because he's a weak *ssh*le, and you were way too much woman for him.

Jordan Silver

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#7. I don't aestheticize anything. I don't even use lights. The working girls do one thing all day: They make themselves pretty. That's their job and their money. In a way, I had the best makeup artists, hairdressers, and art designers in the world.

Michael Glawogger

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#8. I do not exchange my shirt with ASSASSINS

Cristiano Ronaldo

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#9. Fashion is everything. Art, music, furniture design, graphic design, hair, makeup, architecture, the way cars look - all those things go together to make a moment in time, and that's what excites me.

Tom Ford

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#10. One of the primary services the arts can render to theology is their integrative power, their ability to interrelate the intellect with the other facets of our human makeup.

Jeremy Begbie

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#11. At Sarah Lawrence, I realized that everybody was already what they were going to be. The painters were painting, the writers writing, the dancers dancing. And nobody wore any makeup. The art was uppermost.

Alice Walker

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#12. Other young women were more than kind when it came to teaching him the basics of makeup artistry, but he did not like the idea of foundation, knowing enough alchemy to realize it had historically been made with lead and mercury.

Thomm Quackenbush

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#13. Gwynned lies two days westwards; still further south, the weregeld calls. Mayhap with All-Father Woden's favour, my deeds may yet inspire the skalds.

George Gordon Byron

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#14. To me that's part of my working day, and I would never refuse a job where I'm under several hours of makeup, because as an actor, I enjoy performing. It's about the creation of the character and the art to me, not about being comfortable and how long it all takes.

Warwick Davis

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#15. I'm not a habitual practitioner of the art of face-painting.

Akiko Higashimura

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#16. I didn't start wearing makeup until I was in art school, and many of the techniques I learned on canvas, I applied to makeup.

Michelle Phan

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#17. Makeup ignites a psychological transformation of both the wearer and the observer. My paintings sought to locate the subject of art within the manipulation of that altered predisposition.

Richard Phillips

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#18. Vanity is truly the motive power that moves humanity, and it is flattery that greases the wheels.

St. Jerome

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#19. I have a couture body.

Carine Roitfeld

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#20. I always secretly loved the art of makeup as a child. I would come up with stories and characters and try on my mom's Maybelline eyeliner when she wasn't home. It was a very old-school pencil - you had to burn the tip to make it smudgy enough to use.

Michelle Phan

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