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#1. chaise longue and slowly pulled on a stocking. Her body twinged

Eloisa James

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#2. When Elvis made his mass-media debut on 'The Ed Sullivan Show' - his notorious gyrations filmed only from the waist up - I fell off the family chaise longue with delight.

John Lahr

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#3. When the doctor said I had diabetes, I conjured images of languishing on a chaise longue nibbling chocolates. I have no idea why I thought this.

Mary Tyler Moore

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#4. Where will I sit? Sit? Why, on this comfortable chaise longue I've carried here for you in my pocket, Your Highness, so glad you asked. I clamp my mouth shut, struggling not to say it aloud.

Amie Kaufman

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#5. Breaking the ice in the pitcher seems to be a feature of the early lives of all great men.

Robert Benchley

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#6. To dream doesn't cost you much, so dream.
To hope doesn't cost you much, so hope.
To yearn doesn't cost you much, so yearn;
but to succeed costs you everything, so persevere.

Matshona Dhliwayo

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#7. There is a knowledge which is desirable, though nothing come of it, as being of itself a treasure, and a sufficient remuneration of years of labor.

John Henry Newman

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#8. Accurate drawing, accurate colour, is perhaps not the essential thing to aim at, because the reflection of reality in a mirror, if it could be caught, colour and all, would not be a picture at all, no more than a photograph.

Vincent Van Gogh

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#9. I spent a lot of time lifting my drums into a van, playing to ten people night after night. I can't complain about anything now. That stuff was heavy.

Fred Armisen

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#10. I love to beatbox and have been doing it before I even knew what it was.

Cara Delevingne

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#11. As a citizen of a community, if you never vote or engage, don't be surprised when the outcome doesn't serve your interests; you've never done anything to push things in the right direction.

Rebecca MacKinnon

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#12. We need to ditch the idea that there is any value in the strong and silent man being in any way attractive. Being silent isn't being strong, it's being a victim.

Jane Powell

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#13. While There may be power in forgiveness, there is even more power in lobbing a Molotov cocktail through someone's dining room window.

Jim Norton

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#14. I found climbing to be a very tactile sport. There's no ball that is zipping through the air ready to crack you in the head. It is just you and the rock base.

Erik Weihenmayer

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#15. Your culture will only ever be as healthy as the senior leader wants it to be.

Bill Hybels

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#16. Where will you drive your own picket stake? Where will you choose to make your stand? Give me a threshold, a specific point at which you will finally stop running, at which you will finally fight back.

Derrick Jensen

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#17. Trust to some was placing all your insecurities and beliefs in one single person, and hoping he or she wouldn't squash them.

Holly Hood

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#18. Did you ever notice that life seems to follow certain patterns? Like I noticed that every year around this time, I hear Christmas music.

Tom Sims

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#19. Laws teach us to know when we commit injury and when we suffer it.

Samuel Johnson

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