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#1. I was making sure everyone knew Crabtree was a mediocre receiver. And when you try the best corner in the game with a mediocre receiver, that's what happens. I appreciate that he knows that now. - Author: Richard Sherman
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#2. That's one of the cool things about going to local bars: seeing what people are doing and jamming with them. I'm a huge advocate of jamming with others; you learn a lot. So I love to go and do that - even if people wipe the stage up with you.. - Author: Slash
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#3. Austin is a big music town, so growing up, I had a lot of local heroes. Toni Price I was very, very into; she was one of the first people I tried to emulate. She's a local Austin blues artist. Marsha Paul I was also a very big fan of. - Author: Lauren Worsham
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#4. You can perform all kind of characters but you cannot change what people feel for you. - Author: Sophie Marceau
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#5. Sometimes my boyfriend would write the lyrics and I would write the melody, and other times I would start from scratch. Or sometimes I would take a local poem and put that to music. - Author: Carly Simon
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#6. Bob Erlendson, a local piano player, taught me chord structure and which scales go along with them. Later, I began listening to [pianists] Bill Evans and McCoy Tyner. Then I got interested in [saxophonist] John Coltrane. - Author: Lenny Breau
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#7. There was this mountain village in Russia where my music was getting in on some German radio station. I remember this because music used to get up to Saskatchewan from Texas. Late at night after the local station closed down. - Author: Joni Mitchell
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#8. Growing up, I was vaguely aware of things that went on in church, because I was in the boys' choir at the local Episcopal church. But I got the clear message that I was supposed to learn music there, and not pay too much attention to the rest of it, and I followed those instructions very carefully. - Author: Francis Collins
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#9. I always like to get local music when I'm in another country. - Author: April Winchell
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#10. Do we really have to wander around apologizing for enjoying plot, just because James Wood and a few dozen other arch-aesthetes sniff at it? It's like being careful not to sing pop songs in the shower because some guy in the local alt-weekly is a music snob. - Author: Patrick Nielsen Hayden
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#11. The bladder-pipe, a local Highlands speciality, is to music what warthogs are to mathematics. Largely unconnected. - Author: Mark Lawrence
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#12. I don't know how it started but someone must have noticed I was always chewing tobacco or smoking a pipe. - Author: Hank Sauer
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#13. I was introduced to lots of great music through my local record store. It was a place where people knew music and they knew me, and could make great suggestions and discoveries. Whether it is in the physical world or on-line, the value of a great and knowledgeable record store has not gone away - Author: Peter Gabriel
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#14. History will judge us by the difference we make in the everyday lives of children. - Author: Nelson Mandela
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#15. The local music community here was dying for a place to record, so we started doing acoustic, folk and bluegrass and then did rock projects for other bands, as well as for my son Tal and my own work. - Author: Randy Bachman
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#16. The standardization of world culture, with local popular or traditional forms driven out or dumbed down to make way for American television, American music, food, clothes and films, has been seen by many as the very heart of globalization. - Author: Fredric Jameson
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#17. New Orleans is unlike any city in America. Its cultural diversity is woven into the food, the music, the architecture - even the local superstitions. It's a sensory experience on all levels and there's a story lurking around every corner. - Author: Ruta Sepetys
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#18. I am pretty detached from the local music crowd though. - Author: Mark Edwards
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#19. I was looking for some way to put my music to some service on a nightly basis. You go into a town, you play a little music, you leave something behind. That idea connected us to the local community. It was a very simple idea, but it really resonated with me. - Author: Bruce Springsteen
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#20. Soon, the nonstop buzzing of the local insect life gives way to something equally annoying. Country music. - Author: Pittacus Lore
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#21. Don't let today's fears consume you; they will cripple your tomorrow. - Author: Amanda Strong
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#22. HELL: A place where the police are German, the motorists French and the cooks English. - Author: Bertrand Russell
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#23. I had a radio show at the local college and I got kicked off the air and banished forever for playing music from the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Alice Cooper, and David Bowie because (quote-unquote) "They were gay." So, things have changed quite a bit. - Author: Anne Boleyn
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#24. I had wanted to play drums since the age of 9 when I saw a drum set in the window of a music store for the first time. We took lessons at a local music school and began playing together after about 6-9 months of lessons. - Author: Jack Irons
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#25. One only really loves from a feminine position. - Author: Jacques-Alain Miller
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#26. In life you make the small decisions with your head and the big decisions with your heart. - Author: Omid Kordestani
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#27. That was part of the whole original concept. We were thinking, it's off-season, let's do a really fun, local-oriented event, raise money for good causes and bring some music to the valley. - Author: Andy Kaufman
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#28. He had discovered, in the course of his reading, two schools of fiction. One treated of man as a god, ignoring his earthly origin; the other treated of man as a clod, ignoring his heavensent dreams and divine possibilities. - Author: Jack London
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#29. A beggar hates his benefactor as much as he hates himself for begging. - Author: Oscar Wilde
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#30. I think when I was about 12 or 13, my dad started taking me out to the local golf course, and that's the first time I ever hit a golf ball. I picked it up pretty quickly, just kind of monkey-see, monkey-do. But when I was 12, golf was so slow to me. For me, it was basketball, girls and music. - Author: Justin Timberlake
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#31. I guess I would definitely feel a bit of a void in what people are getting from music these days. And I think that the problem lies not so much on the listener. People kind of listen to what is presented to them, whether it be on the radio or at a local venue. - Author: Ben Lovett
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#32. I grew up in Southern California, so the whole concept of a local music history is still kinda novel to me. - Author: John Darnielle
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#33. Because we live in a condition of ubiquitous music and media, and near infinite technological memory, it is much easier for local cultures to find an audience that resonates with their music, whether local or globally. - Author: Kode9
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#34. When I started to make music at the end of the '90s, I saw myself highly influenced by hip-hop and techno, but I wanted to apply these ideas to something from the local sound; something that had identity, that would say who we were and where we came from. - Author: Steven Sater
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#35. What I like to do when I get to a new place is buy local music early on and listen to it while we're driving around. I think it helps explain and illuminate the culture of where you are if local music is playing. - Author: Chris Hadfield
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#36. While I was into many different types of music, and played with many different local groups, I really didn't have a band to call my own until Dire Straits was formed in 1977. - Author: Mark Knopfler
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#37. There are a good number of people creating black metal and black metal inspired music in the northwest. Much of this music is radically noncommercial and exists only on a very local, private level. - Author: Kristoffer Rygg
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#38. ...'You are like tango music itself, Kapka.' Julio says, catching his breath. 'You're the universal woman- wherever you go, you will always be a local and a stranger at the same time. - Author: Kapka Kassabova
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#39. I started in high school with a teacher there. I also took lessons at the Conservatory of Music in Detroit. Detroit was very motivating. There were a lot of local people who inspired me like Kenny Burrell, Paul Chambers, Roy Brooks, Donald Byrd, etc. - Author: Yusef Lateef
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