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Top 11 Quotes About Life Weheartit

#1. We have to learn to love people even if they are not giving you what you want ... and then not take it personally. If you feel hurt, you have to recognize that they are not hurting you because you are you, but because they are them. You have to try not to be so hard on yourself. - Author: Krishna Das
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#2. Musical integrity means a lot to me, personally for myself, I don't really care if other people can't even sing or whatever. For myself I have high standards. - Author: The Rocket Summer
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#3. When you're a writer, you pull your life into your work. My first love is cinema. That's where I want to be judged. - Author: Roger Avary
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#4. I've never been to a hotel with a rotating restaurant on top, but one time I took my girlfriend to a merry-go-round, and I gave her a burrito. - Author: Mitch Hedberg
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#5. If you live in each other's pockets long enough, you're related. - Author: Jodi Picoult
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#6. If you own a car, you change that every few years and that's just what I'm doing with my appearance - Author: Pete Burns
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#7. Now [after doing Pilates], I have muscles of steel and could easily deal with giving birth. - Author: Hugh Grant
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#8. People get all up in arms when I describe myself as a crip because what they hear is the word 'cripple,' and they hear a word you're not allowed to say anymore. - Author: Stella Young
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#9. I played tournament chess from fifth grade up into high school. - Author: Chris Hardwick
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#10. As a new artist there are so many new ways to put music out there where you don't necessarily need a label because now labels will have their hands in your pocket and leave you with less control. - Author: Ashanti
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#11. I do think people of good will can have different opinions but still be coming not from a place of malice. - Author: John Scalzi
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