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#1. The path we're taking is not a road, Kiyo, it's a pier, and it ends someplace where the sea begins. It can't be helped. - Author: Yukio Mishima
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#2. A sure way for one to lift himself up is by helping to lift someone else. - Author: Booker T. Washington
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#3. Bookstores are lonely forts, spilling light onto the sidewalk. They civilize their neighborhoods. - Author: John Updike
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#4. The water-dragon's name was Lady Kiyomizu, although much to Junichiro's horror she breezily told Laurence to call her Kiyo, and not to stand on formality. "You have no manners anyway," she said, "and there is no sense your trying to put out sakura blossoms, when you are a bamboo. - Author: Naomi Novik
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#5. The autumn wind is a pirate. Blustering in from sea with a rollicking song he sweeps along swaggering boisterously. His face is weather beaten, he wears a hooded sash with a silver hat about his head ... The autumn wind is a Raider, pillaging just for fun. - Author: Steve Sabol
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#6. No matter how much you reach the can never actually grab it. Even if one knows that something is unreachable it's human nature to want to try over and over...again and again..not giving up...not able to give up...dreaming that someday that hand will reach the moon. - Author: Kiyo Fujiwara
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#7. When I get tired, and I don't think I have another ounce of energy left, I just cling to God's hem.
~Mama Sato - Author: Kiyo Sato
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#8. How do you know it was the blighted pile? Did you recognize Maiwenn's gift?"
"No, but there was a marble bust of Dorian in there, which I figured must have been his kingdom's 'humble' gift. - Author: Richelle Mead
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#9. Man might have identified fire, but women identified the way to enjoy with it. - Author: Candace Bushnell
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#10. We know that children with autism like order, that they are often very visual and that they can be quite literal. They deserve beautiful resources and symbols that make sense. If a picture does not explain visually, it is pointless and the child will stop looking to the pictures for information. - Author: Adele Devine
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#11. Are the peoples of the Middle East somehow beyond the reach of liberty? Are millions of men and women and children condemned by history or culture to live in despotism? Are they alone never to know freedom and never even to have a choice in the matter? - Author: George W. Bush
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#12. He's the type of bloke you would want to have on your side. When you see an Indian side with Ganguly in the line-up, you know it's game on. You don't have to like or dislike him. You have to respect him. - Author: Steve Waugh
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#13. I'm very girly. I love to talk about diets, exercise, kids, make-up. - Author: Rachel Hunter
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#14. Oh," he said to Kiyo, voice completely devoid of emotion. "I see. It's your turn again. - Author: Richelle Mead
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#15. I looked around at us all: me in my nightgown, Kiyo bare-chested, Dorian in his extravagant robes, and Tim in his Native getup. God, I muttered, standing up, we all look like the village people. - Author: Richelle Mead
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#16. Roopa reached that stage in love when a woman feels obliged to keep her love alive so as to sustain her belief in her ability to love and be loved. - Author: BS Murthy
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#17. A person who never suffers has no chance to become strong in mind and body. ~ Tochan Sayo - Author: Kiyo Sato
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#18. I liken myself to Henry Ford and the auto industry, I give you 90 percent of what most people need. - Author: Adam Osborne
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#19. Cole: " There's the old Nik. No 'how do you do', no talk of the weather. Just a good swift kick to the balls."
Nikki: "A kick to your balls is an option? - Author: Brodi Ashton
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#20. Women are "hypergamous." This means they seek men of higher status than themselves. Even the most ardent heterosexual feminist only can love someone more powerful than she. Needless to say the higher she rises, the slimmer the pickings. - Author: Henry Makow
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#21. I didn't share her concern. Damn it. I should have banished you the first time I saw you. I don't have time for this, not with everything else. You should be in the Underworld by now. Kiyo isn't going to kill me. - Author: Richelle Mead
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