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#1. The most dangerous thing about the human heart is that we want to reverse the roles by making God the responder and us the initiators.

Jefferson Bethke

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#2. I thought you weren't speaking to us?" said Harry. "Yes, don't stop now," said Ron, "it's doing us so much good.

J.K. Rowling

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#3. For one to succeed, one must be a assured of failure.

Auliq Ice

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#4. Those among them that have not received our religion do not fright any from it, and use none ill that goes over to it, so that all the while I was there one man was only punished on this occasion.

Thomas More

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#5. One must see one's model correctly and experience it in the right way; and furthermore express oneself forcibly and with distinction.

Paul Cezanne

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#6. As every student in Philosophy 101 learns, nothing can force me to believe that anyone except me is conscious. This power to deny that other people have feelings is not just an academic exercise but an all-too-common vice, as we see in the long history of human cruelty.

Steven Pinker

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#7. It all begins with the initial tone coming from the cabinet, but EQ at the board is very important.

Daisy Berkowitz

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#8. To girls' night out!

Maya Banks

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#9. Oh yeah, gossip. I heard you on the secret wireless. You know the devil's radio child.

George Harrison

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