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Top 11 Quotes About Jacobin

#1. You know ... sometimes we meet our destiny on the road we take to avoid it.

Jessi Kirby

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#2. Well, I guess I'm just not as special as you are. (Urian)
No one knows their true mettle until it's been tested. This is yours. Whether you pass or fail is entirely up to you. I can't tell you what to do, but I know where I'll be tonight. (Acheron)

Sherrilyn Kenyon

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#3. A cynical, mercenary, demagogic press will in time produce a people as base as itself.

Joseph Pulitzer

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#4. The Robespierre women (as one tended to think of them now) were all on display. Madame looked actively, rather intimidatingly benevolent; it was her aim in life to find a Jacobin who was hungry, then to go into the kitchen and make extravagant efforts, and say, "I have fed a patriot!".

Hilary Mantel

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#5. Fascism is a caricature of Jacobinism.

Leon Trotsky

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#6. The crime of capitalism is that it forces the vast majority of the population to remain preoccupied with basic concerns of nutrition, housing, health, and skill acquisition. It leaves little time for fostering the community and creativity that humans crave

Nivedita Majumdar

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#7. Next you will cry about taxation without representation, and throw a basket of tea into the harbor. You are indeed a very Jacobin at heart, and I think I must give up trying to cure you of it; I can but wash my hands and deny responsibility

Naomi Novik

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#8. The Jacobin leaders were beset on many sides by enemies, both open and covert. But in the end the most dangerous and unforgiving enemies they faced were themselves. In choosing terror, they chose a path that led to self-destruction.

Marisa Linton

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#9. In my medicine cabinet, the winter fly has died of old age.

Jack Kerouac

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#10. Note to reporters: The sanctimony thing probably works better on someone who has never broken real stories.

Colin Flaherty

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#11. FBI slaughter of the innocents at Waco was a model Jacobin enterprise.

Gore Vidal

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