Top 12 Quotes About Iranian Culture

#1. I grew up thinking of myself as an American but also, because of my parents and the Iranian culture that was in our home, as an Iranian. So if there's any such thing as dual loyalty, then I have it - at least culturally.

Hooman Majd

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#2. There is less gray area there, less doubt. There is a security in being some thing all the way. Our culture, too, encourages this way of being - exaggeration, for example, is the key to advertising success in the United States. But hyperbole also seems a big part of Iranian culture, as well.

Porochista Khakpour

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#3. They tell me that So-and-So, who does not write prefaces, is no charlatan. Well, I am. I first caught the ear of the British public on a cart in Hyde Park, to the blaring of brass bands,and this ... because ... I am a natural-born mountebank.

George Bernard Shaw

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#4. In the past 30 years, officials of the Iranian regime and its apologists have labeled criticism, especially with regard to women's rights, as anti-Islamic and pro-Western, justifying its brutalities by ascribing them to Islam and Iran's culture.

Azar Nafisi

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#5. A song for you
A song for me
Is how we relate our life to be

Patty Smith

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#6. I have strong sentiments toward Iran, since I distinguish between the Iranian regime and the Iranian people. I highly esteem Iranian music and culture.

Moshe Katsav

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#7. We shouldn't just consider the desire of government to do what it wants to do. We should always consider the resistance of people. The culture of Iranian people doesn't let the government drag people into deep trouble or backlash. Maybe government wants it, but the culture doesn't let it go on.

Shirin Ebadi

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#8. There's nothing unusual about love.

Charles Bukowski

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#9. Trust doesn't develop from always doing the right thing. Trust comes from taking responsibility when we do the wrong thing.

Simon Sinek

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#10. We are free to fight sin, and free to win; but we must still fight.

Timothy Keller

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#11. Magical realism allows an artist like myself to inject layers of meaning without being obvious. In American culture, where there is freedom of expression, this approach may seem forced, unnecessary and misunderstood. But this system of communication has become very Iranian.

Shirin Neshat

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#12. The greatest owner in professional sports history is Eddie DeBartolo.

Ronnie Lott

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