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#1. The man is either mad or his is making verses.
[Lat., Aut insanit homo, aut versus facit.] - Author: Horace
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#2. We could not be fulfilled if we weren't inauthentic some of the time - inauthentic, that is, in relation to such things as our passing desires to throttle our children, poison our spouse, or end our marriage over a dispute about changing a lightbulb. - Author: Alain De Botton
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#3. He's just the "one". Not in a religious, demi-god sort of way even though I wouldn't put it past him to think that of himself. - Author: J.J. McAvoy
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#4. I never know when I sit down, just what I am going to write. I make no plan; it just comes, and I don't know where it comes from. - Author: D.H. Lawrence
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#5. To desire only happiness in a world undoubtedly tragic is to become inauthentic. - Author: Eric G. Wilson
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#6. Those who talk about books as commodities are inauthentic, just as those who collect acquaintances can be superficial in their friendships. A novel you like resembles a friend. You read it and reread it, getting to know it better. Like a friend, you accept it the way it is; you do not judge it. - Author: Nassim Nicholas Taleb
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#7. I feel inauthentic at a party ... Going to a party is a 'low' activity - the authentic self is compromised, fragmented - one plays 'roles.' One isn't fully present, beyond role-playing. One doesn't (can't) tell the full truth, which means one is lying, even if one doesn't literally tell lies. - Author: Susan Sontag
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#8. At the very moment when the world seems to break up we still take it seriously and perform reasonable acts and undertakings, the condemned man still drinks his glass of rum. To call it everyday and condemn it as inauthentic is to fail to recognize the sincerity of hunger and thirst - Author: Emmanuel Levinas
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#9. Living up to an image that you have of yourself or that other people have of you is inauthentic living. - Author: Eckhart Tolle
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#10. The cool contemplation of other people's suffering while one exhibits polished manners in a society that is deemed civil is only a shade less immoral than the direct infliction of suffering. Thus, civilization, as it is often practiced today, is really manufactured, inauthentic civilization. - Author: Stjepan G. Mestrovic
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#11. No matter what I put out, no matter what genre - because I feel like I'm going to experiment with everything - I hope people will see that it's true to me, that it's honest, and nobody ever thinks that I'm inauthentic. - Author: Alessia Cara
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#12. There, I was ridiculed for being an inauthentic American, and now I am being charged with being an inauthentic Russian. I do not yet understand that this very paradox is the true subject of so-called immigrant fiction. - Author: Gary Shteyngart
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#13. Polarities of the 'authentic' vs. the 'inauthentic' are easily discernible in recreational modes. The criteria of authenticity are not necessarily objective but rather have to do with the rules by which the self allows or disallows its own experience. - Author: Walker Percy
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#14. There's a cultural conviction that any 'artist' must have personal suffering to back up their work, otherwise there's something undeserved and therefore inauthentic about it, perhaps even some sort of cheating. - Author: Jenny Diski
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#15. Over the years, I think, people - actors, writers, whatever - lose their frame of reference. Their frame of reference is based on somebody else who did this or did that. Performances. So it just becomes a reflection of what already works. Like a warm-up. And that's an invitation to be inauthentic. - Author: Michael Keaton
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#16. The most exhausting thing you can do is to be inauthentic. - Author: Anne Morrow Lindbergh
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#17. Journalists become candidates for cardiac arrest when they see or hear an African American disagreeing with an African American. We would become inauthentic if we did not have disagreements with this president. - Author: John Conyers
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#18. For years I've wanted to write about the Australian countryside, but, like most Australians, I've only got a tourist's knowledge of it. I thought that if I disobeyed that basic rule of writing - write about what you know - I'd write a thin and inauthentic book. - Author: Kate Grenville
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#19. Then let me ask you" - here it comes, the verbal aikido that will use my words to topple my beliefs - "is it possible to live your authentic life if you have inauthentic people around you? - Author: Neil Strauss
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#20. We're [as parents] striving for an unattainable, inauthentic shell, and ignoring the real nut, the gooey inside: love, laughter, and fulfillment from simple things. - Author: Julie Lythcott-Haims
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#21. Authenticity begins when you start by admitting that you are inauthentic. - Author: John Piper
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#22. It doesn't really feel like it's got anything to do with me. I mean, I know I wrote it, and all that and invented the characters and made it up, but it's Mike's film, so doing the press and stuff, it feels a little bit inauthentic. I was just one component of it. - Author: Patrick Marber
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#23. Every author who straddles culture is inauthentic in a way. - Author: Gary Shteyngart
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#24. Don't be afraid of wearing your heart on your sleeve. For myself, for a long time - maybe I felt inauthentic or something. I felt like my voice wasn't worth hearing. I think everyone's voice is worth hearing. So if you've got something to say... say it from the rooftops! That's what I would say. - Author: Tom Hiddleston
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#25. To reject the notions of the eternal feminine, the black soul, or the Jewish character is not to deny that there are today Jews, blacks, or women: this denial is not a liberation for those concerned but an inauthentic flight. - Author: Simone De Beauvoir
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#26. The theme of the Grail is the bringing of life into what is known as 'the wasteland.' The wasteland is the preliminary theme to which the Grail is the answer ... It's the world of people living inauthentic lives - doing what they are supposed to do. - Author: Joseph Campbell
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#27. In a wasteland the surface does not represent the actuality of what it is supposed to be representing, and people are living inauthentic lives. "I've never done a thing I wanted to in all my life. I've done as I was told." You know? - Author: Joseph Campbell
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#28. Lana Del Rey seems to be bothering everybody because she allegedly 'remade' herself from a folk singing, girl-next-door type into an electro-urban kitty cat on the prowl (of course I like her), and they feel she is inauthentic. - Author: Liz Phair
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#29. The Nationals tried hard to recover the lost ground. The final result, however, was the success of the Forest Citys by a score of 29 to 23 in a nine innings game, twice interrupted by rain. - Author: Henry Chadwick
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#30. You don't have to be a college graduate to murder someone." "Thank you for making the jury aware of that, Lieutenant. I'm sure they had no idea. - Author: David Rosenfelt
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#31. Some boats are rotten in the ports; some boats shine in the hard journeys! - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
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#32. If there wasn't coffee, the entire world would shuffle around like zombies. - Author: J.D. Robb
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#33. My whole goal in my film career is to project a positive image on the screen, that I hope people will enjoy watching. - Author: Chuck Norris
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#34. What's really exciting for me is communicating to other people and not just going somewhere to make a movie. That's Hollywood to me and it would mean nothing. - Author: Alejandro Amenabar
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#35. For myself, for a long time ... maybe I felt inauthentic or something, I felt like my voice wasn't worth hearing, and I think everyone's voice is worth hearing. So if you've got something to say, say it from the rooftops. - Author: Tom Hiddleston
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#36. Well, that's what the consumer wants, and we're not putting a gun to their head to eat it. That's what they want. If we give them less, they'll buy less, and the competitor will get our market. So you're sort of trapped. - Author: Michael Moss
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#37. These days there's all too much coverage of pesudo-events about extraordinarily inauthentic people doing inauthentic things. - Author: David Halberstam
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#38. People should realize that I shot a Coke commercial back in 1986. So, you know, I've been around a long time. I carry my Screen Actors Guild Card. - Author: Kato Kaelin
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#39. I was convinced I was worth less than my straight peers. I was at best inauthentic, and the longer I went without amending that dishonesty, the more ashamed I felt. - Author: James McGreevey
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