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Top 33 Quotes About Immigration Obama

#1. Building new roads and bridges creates jobs. Growing our exports creates jobs. Reforming our outdated tax system and our broken immigration system creates jobs. - Author: Barack Obama
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#2. The immigration issue is, I recognize, one that generates a lot of passion, but it does not make sense for us to want to push talent out. - Author: Barack Obama
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#3. The Obama administration will continue to fight for a comprehensive immigration solution that includes AgJobs and a stable workforce for our farms. - Author: Tom Vilsack
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#4. There is no such thing as permanence at all. Everything is constantly changing. Everything is in a flux. Because you cannot face the impermanence of all relationships, you invent sentiments, romance, and dramatic emotions to give them certainty. Therefore you are always in conflict. - Author: U.G. Krishnamurti
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#5. Analysts say Obama's new immigration plan will focus on deporting violent criminals. So, this could impact your fantasy football team. - Author: Conan O'Brien
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#6. I marched with you in the streets of Chicago to meet our immigration challenge. I fought with you in the Senate for comprehensive immigration reform. And I will make it a top priority in my first year as President. - Author: Barack Obama
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#7. The politics, policies, the President [Barack Obama] and the American people are all pointing in the right direction to fix our immigration system and pass legislation this year. - Author: Luis Gutierrez
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#8. While he was in Utah, Obama discussed immigration reform with leaders of the Mormon Church. Obama introduced the first lady. Then the church's president introduced HIS first lady. And his second lady. And his third, fourth, and fifth ladies. - Author: Jimmy Fallon
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#9. The Republican candidates clashed on terrorism, immigration and foreign policy in their fifth debate.They all said President [Barack] Obama and Hillary Clinton have not kept America safe. - Author: Renee Montagne
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#10. Until he announced his immigration policy last week, Obama had the support of most Hispanic voters - but not the enthusiasm they had shown for him in 2008. That may be changing in part because of the decision not to deport young immigrants whose undocumented parents brought them here as children. - Author: Mara Liasson
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#11. Tomorrow night President Obama will announce his new immigration plan. Obama's favorite part of his new immigration plan is that he gets to emigrate to another country. He's tired of all this. - Author: Conan O'Brien
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#12. Obama wants to raise the issue of immigration reform so that he can demonize Republicans as anti-Hispanic. That's why Obama ignores the broad support for an immigration plan that would provide border security once and for all and then deal with the illegal immigrants who live here. - Author: Ben Shapiro
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#13. A federal appellate circuit looked at what [Barak] Obama was doing and said he can't do it. Immigration law is settled. - Author: Rush Limbaugh
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#14. America is big enough to accommodate all their dreams. - Author: Barack Obama
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#15. A nation ringed by walls will only imprison itself. - Author: Barack Obama
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#16. I practice Dying--every night--
But have not learned to, still--
Though Talented--by Mortal bones--
For such a common Skill. - Author: Alan W. Powers
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#17. My primary motivation for writing is to communicate my perceptions and insights into the human condition, in a way that may provide understanding, comfort, and company to others. - Author: Vanna Bonta
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#18. 'This is how democracy works,' Barack Obama lectured the country before giving everyone the specifics of his expansive one-man executive overreach on immigration. If you enjoy platitudinous straw men but are turned off by open debate and constitutional order, this speech was for you. - Author: David Harsanyi
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#19. [Barak] Obama's immigration behavior, executive amnesty, this DREAMer stuff - everything he's doing - is outside the law. - Author: Rush Limbaugh
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#20. Why I call Barack Obama a petulant child. He's doing it on guns. He did it on immigration. He's done it on "Obama care." - Author: Chris Christie
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#21. When Maricopa County Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio cracked down on illegal immigration without getting permission from Obama, they threatened to revoke his 287(g) status. When Sheriff Joe refused to balk, they filed suit against him with a frivolous civil rights claim. - Author: Russell Pearce
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#22. When we think about immigration, we have to understand there are folks all around the world who still see America as the land of promise. And they provide us energy, and they provide us innovation. And they start companies like Intel and Google, and we want to encourage that. - Author: Barack Obama
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#23. The recent, single-year influx of unaccompanied minors from foreign countries into the United States is a direct result of President Obama's policies of encouraging amnesty and failing to enforce existing immigration laws. - Author: James Lankford
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#24. Fixing a broken immigration system. Protecting our kids from gun violence. Equal pay for equal work, paid leave, raising the minimum wage. All these things still matter to hardworking families; they are still the right thing to do; and I will not let up until they get done. - Author: Barack Obama
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#25. I believe immigration reform is a commitment of President Obama's government, especially since it gives him a chance to respond to the great demand expressed by U.S. Hispanic voters. - Author: Enrique Pena Nieto
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#26. We already have immigration law, and it is being violated. Obama's executive amnesty is not the settled law. [Barak ] Obama's executive amnesty is outside the law, and that's why it's been stayed. - Author: Rush Limbaugh
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#27. Obama has had two raging successes in his term: He has slashed unemployment by persuading millions to give up hope and leave the labor force; and He has cut illegal immigration by casting the United States into a permanent job shortage. Some achievements! - Author: Dick Morris
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#28. This is what everybody's forgetting about [Barak] Obama and his immigration law and his executive action and his amnesty on it, the Supreme Court decision. Immigration law is settled. - Author: Rush Limbaugh
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#29. Poverty can turn a person into a flaming torch for change and revolution, without which mankind would come to a standstill. - Author: Jean Sasson
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#30. For us, they packed up their few worldly possessions and traveled across oceans in search of a new life. - Author: Barack Obama
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#31. When states like Alabama and Arizona passed some of the harshest immigration laws in history, my Attorney General took them on in court and we won. - Author: Barack Obama
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#32. I think what's going to hurt the Republicans enormously is the extremist position of Mitt Romney on the immigration issue and states like New Mexico, states like Colorado, Nevada, Arizona - and I think it's going to be the margin of victory for President Obama, a very narrow victory. - Author: Bill Richardson
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#33. And the Sphinx broke its long silence:
Don't expect too much. - Author: Carl Sandburg
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