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#1. I have DM'd games where the players smoked pot, where they have cooked fondue, where they've performed yoga and where they've slipped out for ten minutes (without my knowing) to have quick sex in the bathroom during a game break. - Author: Alexis D. Smolensk
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#2. Lying to other people isn't hard. It's lying
to yourself that's the trouble. - Author: Jonathan Culver
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#3. I started to call myself a rational therapist in 1955; later I used the term rational emotive. Now I call myself a rational emotive behavior therapist. - Author: Albert Ellis
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#4. People believe what they are told. - Author: Jacqueline Carey
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#5. Engineering stimulates the mind. - Author: Bruce Dickinson
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#6. We need a metaphor that can contain the daemon of the future that we have conjured into being. - Author: Terence McKenna
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#7. Faith had no idea if he meant liquor, sex or a game of twister but she was up for all three. - Author: Amy Andrews
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#8. Someday Isle is not a dream vacation spot.
It is an imaginary destination to which you will never arrive.
It is the carrot on the stick perpetually in front of you.
So close you can see it, yet you will never reach it.
Don't vacation on Someday Isle. - Author: Frank F. Lunn
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#9. There's nothing like being in the moment, even when that moment isn't captured or shared. - Author: Katie Couric
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#10. I think when you get on with the actors that you're working with, even if you do have really intimate scenes, as long as you get on well, and have a bit of a laugh while doing it, then it's fine. - Author: Saoirse Ronan
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#11. Good-bye and hello, as always. - Author: Roger Zelazny
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#12. I'll fake it through the day somehow with Johnny Walker Red. - Author: Elliot Smith
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#13. I have an idea. Let's take off our clothes and fool around on the settee. If I trip and fall and land smack-dab on your cock, then it won't be your fault. - Author: Kresley Cole
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#14. Britain has invented a new missile. It's called the civil servant - it doesn't work and it can't be fired. - Author: Madam C. J. Walker
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#15. Passively accepting your sadness is the same as forgetting to build your own happiness. Happiness is more than a mood. It's a long-lasting state that is more accurately called well-being. - Author: Deepak Chopra
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