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Top 52 Quotes About Her Ignoring Me

#1. Where were the peacekeepers? Where was the UN? Why was the entire world ignoring Saddam's attack upon his own people? Were we Kurds considered so unworthy, so disposable? I longed to stand at the top of the mountain and shout out, Where are you, world? Where are you ? - Author: Jean Sasson
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#2. According to aerodynamic laws, the bumblebee cannot fly. Its body weight is not the right proportion to its wingspan. Ignoring these laws, the bee flies anyway. - Author: Andre Sainte-Lague
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#3. I watched as that dark blob walked out into traffic, then was violently struck by a car. Yup, that's me. I was somewhat proud of humanity when I saw that a few people immediately came over to me to see if I was okay, rather than stealing my wallet or completely ignoring me. - Author: Dennis Liggio
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#4. Ignoring the source of creation and trying to conduct your life yourself is a terribly egoistic and ignorant attitude towards life. - Author: Jaggi Vasudev
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#5. Like psychoanalysis, constitutional jurisprudence has become a game without rules. By defying the plain meaning of words, ignoring context and history, and using a little ingenuity, you can make the Constitution mean anything you like. - Author: Joseph Sobran
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#6. Whoever said "Success is 80% Joy and 20% Hardwork" must have chased the latter 20% not ignoring the first 80%. Follow the Joy route and the power is already lost. - Author: Priyavrat Thareja
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#7. Not cocky overconfidence that comes from collecting biased information and ignoring uncertainties, but the real confidence that comes from knowing you've made the best decision that you could. - Author: Chip Heath
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#8. I tell people that if I'm ignoring them, chances are I may not have heard them. I depend on hearing aids, but I've not found it a problem. I'm visually very aware! - Author: Joseph Mawle
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#9. If my parents aren't ignoring me, they're insulting me. I like being ignored better. - Author: P.C. Cast
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#10. Time doesn't stop or give warning. It simply ticks along, marking time, ignoring humanity. - Author: Amy Harmon
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#11. You do not reform a world by ignoring it. - Author: George H. W. Bush
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#12. Ignoring intuition to follow some course in life always has the potential for regrets. - Author: Steven Redhead
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#13. The essential feature of statistics is a prudent and systematic ignoring of details. - Author: Erwin Schrodinger
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#14. If you ignore the red flags, embrace the heartache to come. - Author: Amanda Mosher
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#15. As obesity creeps into preschools, and hypertension and type II diabetes become pediatric problems for the very first time, the case for starting preventive health care in the cradle has become too compelling to keep ignoring. - Author: Heidi Murkoff
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#16. My first serious girlfriend, when I was 16, was Mormon. I went to her house for 'family home evening,' and I was like, 'Why aren't you people ignoring each other and watching television?' - Author: Trey Parker
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#17. Since birds took flight, they were closer to the spirit world than man was, so ignoring a message from a bird might mean missing some warning or promise from powers greater than oneself. - Author: Jodi Picoult
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#18. I want to dance, I want her ass. Why is she ignoring me? - Author: Rod Stewart
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#19. These things frighten people. It's best not to talk about them." "But, Dad, that's like ... like ignoring a fire in the living room because we're all in the kitchen, and, besides, house fires are too scary to talk about. - Author: Octavia E. Butler
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#20. Addressing the moral failings of black people while ignoring the centuries-old failings of their governments amounts to a bait and switch. - Author: Ta-Nehisi Coates
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#21. And it's amazing how much noise people ignoring each other can make. - Author: Eoin Colfer
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#22. Spin' is a polite word for deception. Spinners mislead by means that range from subtle omissions to outright lies. Spin paints a false picture of reality by bending facts, mischaracterizing the words of others, ignoring or denying crucial evidence, or just 'spinning a yarn' - by making things up. - Author: Kathleen Hall Jamieson
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#23. If it is true that men have souls that do survive them," he went on, ignoring me, "and if those souls are born again to life, you need not worry that my ghost will haunt you. I'll haunt you in the flesh, instead. - Author: Susanna Kearsley
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#24. The reality is that the media are probably the most powerful of all our institutions today and they, or rather we, too often are squandering our power and ignoring our obligations. The consequence of our abdication of responsibility is the ugly spectacle of idiot culture! - Author: Carl Bernstein
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#25. You must acquire the trick of ignoring those who do not like you. In my experience, those who do not like you fall into two categories: the stupid, and the envious. The stupid will like you in five years time, the envious never. - Author: Stephen Jeffreys
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#26. He had lived (without being aware of it) on those spiritual truths that he had sucked in with his mother's milk, but he had thought, not merely without recognition of these truths, but studiously ignoring them. - Author: Leo Tolstoy
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#27. Hi, you've reached Caitlin! I'm either on the other line or I'm purposely ignoring you. Or maybe Mrs. Mitchell confiscated my phone for texting in class again ... Leave a message and if I deem you worthy, or at least hot, I'll call you back. Mwah! - Author: Mari Mancusi
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#28. I'm not ignoring you, I just can't look at your eyes anymore. - Author: Tina J. Richardson
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#29. Ignoring things didn't make them go away. It only made it harder to face them when they finally came around to beat the shit out of you. - Author: A Meredith Walters
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#30. Ignoring what goes on at home is a bad way to protect your child. - Author: Abdulazeez Henry Musa
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#31. America is in a state of somnolence. It's an avoidance of paranoia through ignoring reality. - Author: John McAfee
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#32. The human condition is better improved by altering detrimental circumstances and personal perspectives than by trying to alter personal outlooks, while ignoring the very circumstances that serve to nourish them - Author: Albert Bandura
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#33. Community organizing is all about building grassroots support. It's about identifying the people around you with whom you can create a common, passionate cause. And it's about ignoring the conventional wisdom of company politics and instead playing the game by very different rules. - Author: Tom Peters
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#34. Resentment is often a woman's inner signal that she has been ignoring an important God-given responsibility - that of making choices. - Author: Brenda Waggoner
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#35. Several generations of high school students have grown up ignoring and disbelieving everything they've heard from government and police about drugs, including information that was factual and valid, because they discovered for themselves that most of what has been taught to them was simply not true. - Author: Ann Shulgin
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#36. True strength isn't in killing - or ignoring - your opponent, it's in having the will to shield those who need your protection. - Author: Ilona Andrews
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#37. Ignoring it makes it irrelevant. No man wants his nudity to be irrelevant. - Author: Karen Marie Moning
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#38. I must remind you that starving a child is violence. Neglecting school children is violence. Punishing a mother and her family is violence. Discrimination against a working man is violence. Ghetto housing is violence. Ignoring medical need is violence. Contempt for poverty is violence. - Author: Coretta Scott King
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#39. In the snobbery of science, each branch attempts to rise in the social scale by imitating the methods of the next higher science and by ignoring the methods and phenomena of the sciences beneath. - Author: Gilbert Newton Lewis
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#40. I wonder at times if we're not all blind. It just seems there are an abundance of books unread, paint strokes not admired, and performances unattended. So much attention painstakingly sought and not given. - Author: Richelle E. Goodrich
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#41. I'm the type to ignore a pebble in my boot until it gives me a blister. I've made ignoring problems an art form. - Author: Tessa Bailey
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#42. I'm getting a daily email from Microsoft which I have been ignoring that states a hacker is trying to access my account. As far as the Microsoft account goes, the hacker can have it ... along with all of the nasty Windows 10 upgrade problems! - Author: Steven Magee
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#43. As accurate as a blind man pissing during an earthquake."
"Wow ... ," I breathed.
She frowned at me.
"That was a great metaphor," I said.
"Oh please."
"I need to write that down," I said, ignoring her complaints, fishing for my new mobile to type it out. - Author: Brandon Sanderson
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#44. She shook her head and hugged me, laying her head on my shoulder. I squeezed her to me, and buried my face in her neck. When we were like that, quiet, happy, ignoring the fact that we weren't supposed to be anything more than friends, it was the only place I wanted to be. - Author: Jamie McGuire
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#45. Ours is a love that won't be dispelled simply by ignoring it. It can't be concealed by separation. The heart knows no distance, only misery. It will never let me forget her, and I'm a fool if I think I can. - Author: K.J. Bell
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#46. Don't hide from me, baby. We've been through too much for that."
Echo leaned into me, placing her head on my shoulder and letting me wrap an arm around her. "I've missed you, too, Noah. I'm tired of ignoring you."
"Then don't." Ignoring her hurt like hell. Acknowledging her had to be better. - Author: Katie McGarry
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#47. Never," Max said, again ignoring me. "Never did I walk into a room and see her dressed to go out and forget how to breathe like I did when I saw you before we went to The Rooster." I felt my eyes grow wide at this admission and I, too, forgot how to breathe. - Author: Kristen Ashley
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#48. Giving him a slight wave, she turned and strolled away.
"Jaime?" he called after her. "Jaime, don't ignore me!"
Without breaking stride, she glanced at him over her shoulder. "It's not that I'm ignoring you. I've just lost interest in the conversation. - Author: Suzanne Wright
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#49. Don't change the subject," Blaze snapped. "You said dragons? And untie me, damn it. My wrists hurt." He shrugged, completely ignoring her complaints. "Of course there are dragons. Where you think the myths come from? - Author: Sara King
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#50. Besides," Shea continued, ignoring his words and trying hard not to feel what he was making her feel, "you don't want me either. Not really. You're just intrigued because I'm the only set of ovaries in town that doesn't flutter my eyelashes at you and giggle incessantly." ~ Shea - Author: Sibylla Matilde
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#51. Most girls swoon when I talk to them. So quit ignoring me."
"So go talk to them," Kara slammed her locked shut and walked away. - Author: Alexis Tiger
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#52. She fails to see who I am, even, for her eyes do not, will not, take me in. Instead they transmit a powerful message. She is like a billboard flashing, starkly: 'Keep Out'. - Author: Carol Lee
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