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Top 31 Quotes About Hair Cuts

#1. I want to map every inch of her skin with my mouth. I want to sit with her in my arms and kiss her for hours, until our lips are swollen and our jaws are tired. I want to know what she looks like when she comes. And I want to be the one who makes her come with my name falling from her lips. - Author: Monica Murphy
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#2. Her face was as red as her hair. "What are you doing," she cried.
Devon put a question mark next to the sentence. "Editing your paper." What did it look like he was doing?
"You're just cutting out stuff!"
"What do you think editing is? - Author: M.M. John
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#3. OPHELIA: Still better, and worse. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#4. Like sex drives, card tricks, and the weather, computers tend to be discussed in terms of results rather than processes, which makes them rather scary. - Author: Martin Mayer
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#5. Having Black hair is unique in that Black women change up styles a lot. You can walk down one street block in New York City and see 10 different hairstyles that Black women are wearing: straight curls, short cuts, braids - we really run the gamut. - Author: Queen Latifah
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#6. There's not really anywhere I can go without being recognized, but if I put my hair up, that cuts the crowd in half. - Author: Shaun White
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#7. I still believe nonfiction is the most important literature to come out of the second half of the 20th century. - Author: Tom Wolfe
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#8. Spoiled?" Mum cuts her off with a laugh. "Nonsense! There's nothing wrong with Minnie, is there, my precious? She knows her own mind!" She strokes Minnie's hair fondly, then looks up again. "Becky, love, you were exactly the same at her age. Exactly the same. - Author: Sophie Kinsella
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#9. Your soul can fly outward, stringed to your ribcage like a shimmering kite in the shape of an open hand. Be still and listen to the evidence of your own holiness. - Author: Jeff Buckley
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#10. Yes, I like girls; Yes, I like boys; I like boys who like boys; I like girls who wear toys and girls who don't; I like girls who don't call themselves girls; Crew cuts or curls or that really bad hair phase in between. - Author: Andrea Gibson
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#11. The real lost souls don't wear their hair long and play guitars. They have crew cuts and trained minds, sign on for research in biological warfare, and don't give their parents a moment's worry. - Author: J.B. Priestley
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#12. The world may never know and Jesse may never care. But when my world falls apart like it always does, someone will know my story.
-Danny - Author: Roxanne Greening
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#13. It's hard to know a truth when you've never encountered one. - Author: Aleksandr Voinov
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#14. A veritable incubator of short cuts, schemes and devices to overcome the truth. - Author: David Stockman
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#15. The girl at Great Cuts asked him what style he wanted, and he told her that he wanted hair like Morrissey. - Author: Rainbow Rowell
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#16. Who cuts hair, while she is heart broken. Is it just me? - Author: Escapades
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#17. Who would preach at the funeral? This was a question (like who cuts the barber's hair) - Author: Stephen King
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#18. A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life. - Author: Coco Chanel
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#19. I resent my barber when he charges the full cost after he cuts my hair, but he says he's charging me for finding it. - Author: Tim Conway
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#20. You make James Bond look like he shops at a thrift store and cuts his own hair. - Author: Melissa McClone
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#21. I think of [street food] as the antidote to fast food; it's the clear alternative to the king, the clown and the colonel. - Author: Anthony Bourdain
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#22. They say that when a woman wants to end a relationship, she cuts off all of her hair. I've done that twice in my marriage but am still married. - Author: Leslie Mann
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#23. A man who is strong and tough never needs to show it in his dress or the way he cuts his hair. Toughness is a quality of the mind, like bravery or honesty or ambition; it has nothing whatever to do with muscles. - Author: E.R. Braithwaite
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#24. I feel most comfortable in an old pair of jeans, Converse, and a man's jersey. My best friend cuts my hair with kitchen scissors. - Author: Jane Birkin
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#25. All things old become new again. In my youth the athletes had crew cuts and the hippies had long hair. Now the athletes have long hair and the hippies are bald. - Author: Harley King
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#26. I love masculine cuts with suits and chunky jewellery. My hair is so glam, it balances it out, and it's comfy! - Author: Rita Ora
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#27. In a way the philosopher and the barber are of the same guild; the barber cuts hair and the philosopher splits hairs. - Author: Jose Ortega Y Gasset
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#28. But soft you, the fair Ophelia: Ope not thy ponderous and marble jaws, But get thee to a nunnery - go! - Author: Mark Twain
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#29. Poor people have the desire to prosper but their mindset stop them. - Author: Matthew Ashimolowo
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#30. I was born William. My father was William. I came from a big family, I hated being called Billy. Willem's a nickname; it's a Dutch name, very common in the Netherlands. - Author: Willem Dafoe
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#31. When I was a kid I used to get fun out of my horrors. - Author: Eugene O'Neill
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