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#1. I don't have time to worry about them when they are not. - Author: John Sheridan
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#2. We are constantly emphasizing to people that they need to address anything that affects flight safety or mission success - many pathways to do that. We need to understand better what may be preventing people from using those pathways. - Author: Ellen Ochoa
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#3. Well, I think it's real important that people understand, first and foremost, those of us that have lived in Arizona or in southern California, we have a very diverse population. The Hispanic population has been part of all of our lives since we've been born here or since we've grown up here. - Author: Jan Brewer
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#4. The idea that bigger haystacks have more needles in them is dumb on its face - Author: Cory Doctorow
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#5. In a short amount of time, I've lived so much, had so many experiences and met so many different types of people and even lived in so many countries. If I had been in school, I'd be learning about the world from books. - Author: Jennifer Lawrence
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#6. Here's a bit of advice... When a woman invites you into her home... and you don't seduce her... don't seduce another woman, darling, certainly not under the same roof. It's bad manners - ungallant to say the least, - Author: Donald Margulies
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#7. I have prayed with the families and wept at the funerals of Hoosiers who did not shrink from 9-11 but grew into heroes whose names will forever be engraved in the heart of a grateful nation. - Author: Mike Pence
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#8. Everything in moderation except whiskey, and sometimes too much whiskey is just enough. - Author: Mark Twain
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#9. I have been unexpectedly confronted with my own mortality as I was told that I had cancer. - Author: Jodi Rell
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#10. They that live at the source of a great river shall always take the great river for granted but they that live at the estuary of the great river shall always watch the great river in awe and admiration! - Author: Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
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#11. I am healthy and happy. - Author: Candice Swanepoel
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#12. Each book was a world unto itself, and in it I took refuge. - Author: Alberto Manguel
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