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Top 23 Quotes About Girth

#1. Then before I knew it, his considerable girth was inside me, stretching my virgin passage almost to the point of tearing, and he was thrusting into me as if he were trying to drive me completely through the mattress to the floor beneath. - Author: Cristina Rayne
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#2. With a cigar like in life, you got to have some length, and some girth. - Author: D. L. Hughley
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#3. If I couldn't use food or love to define contentment, I would use reading. - Author: Mary Roach
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#4. There's actually a contest for the largest pumpkin?"

"Oh, yes. Vegetable size is a cutthroat category, I gather. You know men. Always obsessed with the girth of their courgettes. - Author: Lucy Parker
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#5. It wasn't so much that the male entity had a couple of inches on him in height
which was impressive, as few beings topped his six-foot-four stance
as it was the muscled girth of him. And the aura of absolute malevolent blood-thirst that said he was here to make Nick-McNuggets. - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#6. He was on the bench for 36 years and had the girth to show it. - Author: Rodes Fishburne
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#7. He was a very small man, both in stature and girth, who had been chosen as a running mate as much for his size as for his political beliefs. The pervasive thinking in government was that a taller vice president would make the President appear weak, replaceable. - Author: Ann Patchett
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#8. When one set of Jews labels another set of Jews 'anti-Semitic,' they are trying to monopolize the right to speak in the name of the Jews. So the allegation of anti-Semitism is actually a cover for an intra-Jewish quarrel. - Author: Judith Butler
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#9. What is happening to our world is almost too colossal for human comprehension to contain ... To contemplate its girth and its circumference, to attempt to define it, to try and fight it all at once, is impossible. The only way to combat it is by fighting specific wars in specific ways. - Author: Arundhati Roy
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#10. Let me put it this way. According to my girth, I should be a ninety-foot redwood. - Author: Erma Bombeck
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#11. We say of the oak, How grand of girth! Of the willow we say, How slender! And yet to the soft grass clothing the earth How slight is the praise we render. - Author: Edgar Fawcett
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#12. For me, I've lived a life as an athlete. - Author: Giancarlo Esposito
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#13. So I called back, "Ya, I have ten boxes and ... no I'm another guy. Ya and they all weigh exactly 22 pounds, and they all have a girth of ... three." "Three what?" "Three ... girth units. - Author: Brian Regan
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#14. See the turtle of enormous girth, on his shell he holds the earth. If you want to run and play, come along the beam today. - Author: Stephen King
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#15. I was watching MTV and there were girls dancing in suspended cages. That would be an ambivalent situation: "I'm trapped! ... but enjoying the music". - Author: Demetri Martin
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#16. My diminished girth, in tailor phraseology, was hardly conceivable even by my own friends, or my respected medical adviser, until I put on my former clothing, over what I now wear, which is a thoroughly convincing proof of the remarkable change. - Author: William Banting
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#17. My first influences were superhero artists. - Author: Scott McCloud
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#18. He was either stout or portly, wealthy enough that a vocabulary had been devised to conceal his girth. - Author: Renee Patrick
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#19. If a person gets rid of any weight, or girth, or fat, it isn't lost
it is fought off, beaten off. - Author: Samuel G. Blythe
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#20. There are tremendous barriers to building housing. If we could break them down, the need for rent controls would go away. - Author: Tom Golisano
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#21. It is said that when manners are licentious, a revolution is always near: the virtue of woman being the main girth and bandage ofsociety; because a man will not lay up an estate for children any longer than whilst he believes them to be his own. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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#22. She saw herself alone, alive and doomed, strong and helpless, passing in a line of women, her mother before her, the child Lucy, behind, women walking on a temple frieze, Greek women in fluttering robes rounding a vase's girth for ever. - Author: Enid Bagnold
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#23. Like this cake. It's really very good. (Arik)
As the girth to my hips will attest. (Geary) - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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