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Top 15 Quotes About Fwb

#1. Every time one person gets a piece of information, the likelihood of that information being exposed grows exponentially. It's no longer two people. It's two people squared.

Jon Cryer

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#2. The first duty in life is to be as artificial as possible. What the second duty is no one has as yet discovered.

Oscar Wilde

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#3. Peace begins with a touch of unconditional love.

Debasish Mridha

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#4. Marriage has driven more than one man to sex.

Peter De Vries

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#5. Any society has to delegate the responsibility to maintain a certain kind of order. Enforcing regulations, making sure people stop at stoplights. We can't function as a society without rules and regulations, and the enforcement mechanism of those rules and regulations.

Joseph Stiglitz

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#6. Because we often think of bias as a function of overt acts of bigotry, we can sometimes remain blind to the invisible structures, systems, and behaviors that bestow and reinforce that power and privilege on a daily basis.

Howard J. Ross

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#7. The chief support of an autocracy is a standing army. The chief support of a democracy is an educated people.

Lotus Coffman

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#8. I know that the way to be a really successful writer is to write the same kind of book over and over again. Find the kind of thing that people like and just write one of those over and over again. I don't do that. I just keep doing different things.

Neil Gaiman

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#9. No health care for poor kids? You know, I thought something like that was only done by cartoon villains. You're (Pres. Bush) slowly going from being Nixon to Mr. Burns.

Jon Stewart

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#10. Don't you think we're oversexed?" "You're the shrink," I said. "You tell me." "Yes," she said. "I believe we are." "What should we do about it?" I said. "Encourage the pathology," Susan said, and smiled her rebelangel smile at me.

Robert B. Parker

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#11. Our criminal institutions are full of creeps like you who do wrong things, and many of them were driven to these crimes by the horrible force called music.

Frank Zappa

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#12. Maybe success comes from simply following one's destiny.

David Morehouse

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#13. Certain blood was being shed for uncertain reasons.

Tim O'Brien

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#14. Lust is the cause of generation
Appetite is the support of life
Fear or timidity is the prolongation of life, and
Fraud the preservation of its instruments.

Leonardo Da Vinci

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#15. Al-Qaeda has a kind of loose, almost entrepreneurial structure with lots of cells in various countries that are semi-independent.

Ron Suskind

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