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#1. You can go on like this for a very long time, and no one will notice. You keep thinking you're going to hit some sort of bottom, but I'm here to tell you: There is no bottom. - Author: Dan Chaon
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#2. I've been very lucky. - Author: Daniel Day-Lewis
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#3. The thief sighs. 'Perhaps. After that, she started talking about this ancient legend they have, about a creature called the Sleeper with a billion hit points, and after it was finally killed by a coalition of a thousand guilds, it dropped a small rusty dagger. - Author: Hannu Rajaniemi
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#4. After all it was only wood. It'd rot in a few hundred years. By the measure of infinity, it hardly existed at all. On average, considered over the lifetime of the multiverse, most things didn't - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#5. You have to be again innocent, ignorant, not knowing anything, so that the questions can start arising again. Again the inquiry becomes alive, and with the inquiry becoming alive you cannot vegetate. Then life becomes an exploration, an adventure. - Author: Rajneesh
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#6. I think often people don't realize the great diversity of Southern writing because in their minds, if you're not from the South, it can seem regional and small, and of course that's not the case at all when you start to read the work. - Author: Natasha Trethewey
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#7. Nobody talks of entrepreneurship as survival, but that's exactly what it is and what nurtures creative thinking. - Author: Anita Roddick
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#8. Chris Cooper is one of my favorite actors in the world. I've seen him in most everything he's done. - Author: Meryl Streep
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#9. Travel is so important in its capacity to expand the mind. It's exciting to start as young as possible - you get to see how other cultures live, challenge your senses, and try different cuisines. - Author: Natalie Dormer
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#10. Delight is indeed born in the heart. It sometimes also depends on its surroundings. - Author: Amy E. Reichert
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#11. My feeling on the subject of sex with a man is - don't give it up unless you're willing to give him up. Not in the beginning. Sex is power! - Author: Julieanne O'Connor
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#12. No one can be an unbeliever nowadays. The Christian Apologists have left one nothing to disbelieve. - Author: Hector Hugh Munro
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#13. I love being with you,
to live,love and laugh out loud.
LOL - Author: Aina Aller
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