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Top 8 Quotes About Flood Victims

#1. I believe the duality of life is fertile soil.

Ken Grace

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#2. Bakers bake bread, accountants manage accounts and entrepreneurs turn ideas into reality.

Richard Branson

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#3. I am like a survivor
of the flood
walking through the streets
drenched with
surprised that all of the
drowned victims
are still walking and talking

Saul Williams

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#4. The way is not clear, and it is when you do not have clarity, when this is allowed, that you will finally have clarity.

T. Scott McLeod

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#5. You can start any 'Monty Python' routine and people finish it for you. Everyone knows it like shorthand.

Robin Williams

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#6. In 1975, the collapse of a cascade of Chinese dams during a flood killed a hundred and seventy-one thousand people, but the event is rarely discussed, and the names of the victims are largely unrecorded today.

Evan Osnos

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#7. We owe it to the flood victims of New Orleans to give them truthful answers as to why this event took place and to assure our citizens that tragedies like this will never happen again.

Charles B. Rangel

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#8. People see I am a mother and head of a household. Today in Chile, one-third of households are run by women. They wake up, take the children to school, go to work. To them I am hope.

Michelle Bachelet

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