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#1. The story is always in service to the characters, and is only as long or short, or neat or ragged as it needs to be. - Author: Stewart O'Nan
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#2. The one thing that holds people back from working out together is that they don't want to smell around other people. Your olfactory sense is the primary sense in your memory, and you don't want to be part of anyone's memory thinking that you smell bad. - Author: Dhani Jones
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#3. Anyone who is friends with Bill Clinton shouldn't be telling their wife about it. - Author: Chelsea Handler
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#4. Hope is not the thing with feathers. Hope is an anchor. What keeps you from floating away. Despair is weightless. - Author: Matt Greene
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#5. People may ask "why do you laugh at simple things?" Tell them that why don't you? Life is too short to make it so miserable. - Author: Kenneth De Guzman
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#6. I got to experience a world championship with some great teammates. - Author: Kirk Gibson
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#7. Never hesitate to imitate another writer - every person learning a craft or an art needs models. Eventually you'll find your own voice and will shed the skin of the writer you imitated. - Author: William Zinsser
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#8. Goodness is stronger than evil.
Love is stronger than hate.
Light is stronger than darkness.
Life is stronger than death.
Victory is ours through Him who loved us. - Author: Desmond Tutu
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#9. Never give up because you never know what the tide will bring in the next day. - Author: Tom Hanks
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#10. So much of what we do as artists is a combination of personal experience and imagination, and how that all creeps into your work is not so linear. - Author: Diana Krall
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#11. Save your stupid for later! - Author: Tahereh Mafi
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#12. I feel a real need to observe a level of propriety in what I'm handing out. Instead of me just venting or spilling my guts, I've got to consider how it's going to affect people. How it's going to affect me, as well. Because it's like a cycle. - Author: Eric Clapton
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#13. Poets writing in English have long learned to mourn from classical precedents. They have drawn on a tradition of pastoral elegies, which incorporate the dead into the cycles of nature, that runs from Theocritus' Idylls to John Milton's 'Lycidas' and Percy Shelley's 'Adonais.' - Author: Susan Stewart
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#14. Men think they like to be challenged. The truth is, they only like to be challenged if they win. - Author: Karen Hawkins
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#15. He sighed. A year since he'd left her the morning after the final battle with her brother. A year since he'd held her in his arms. A year since he'd kissed her. A year since he'd buried his head between her thighs. A year since she'd punched him in the face. - Author: G.A. Aiken
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