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Top 50 Quotes About Everyday Use

#1. The words which we use in our everyday speech are nothing other than watered-down magic. - Author: Sigmund Freud
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#2. I take my inspiration for the song writing from little experiences, not even if I've experienced them myself but say if something has made me sad, I will use that emotion. I just use everyday life and write about it. - Author: Pixie Lott
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#3. The similarity between space and time is limpid enough that we routinely use space to represent time in calendars, hourglasses, and other time-keeping devices. And the cognitive similarity also shows up in everyday metaphors where spatial terms are borrowed to refer to time. - Author: Steven Pinker
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#4. My furniture, boxes, and turnings are simple, practical designs for everyday use. I love the grain and beauty of wood. Each piece of lumber is a work of art, after all, and I'd like to honor that gift and pass it on for someone else to appreciate. - Author: Steve Miller
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#5. Preach the Gospels everyday & only if you have to ... use words. - Author: Francis Of Assisi
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#6. For an everyday makeup look, I usually use Almay's CC cream, then concealer, bronzer and maybe a bit of mascara. The whole thing takes me ten minutes. I apply everything with my hands and blend like crazy. - Author: Kate Hudson
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#7. Never use a foreign phrase, a scientific word, or a jargon word if you can think of an everyday English equivalent. - Author: George Orwell
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#8. Everyone uses the brain at every moment, but we use it unconsciously. We let it run in the background without realizing the power we have to reshape the brain. When you begin to exercise your power, the everyday brain, which we call the baseline brain, starts to move in the direction of super brain. - Author: Deepak Chopra
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#9. The simpler elements of the scientific world have no immediate counterparts in everyday experience; we use them to build things which have counterparts. - Author: Arthur Stanley Eddington
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#10. Emotions are not 'bad.' At the roots of our emotions are primal energies which can be put to fruitful use. Indeed ... the energies of enlightenment arises from the very same natural origins as those which give rise to our everyday passions and emotions. - Author: James H. Austin
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#11. Most of the words we use in history and everyday speech are like mental depth charges. As they descend [through our consciousness] and detonate, their resonant power is unleashed, showering our understanding with fragments of accumulated meaning and association. - Author: James Axtell
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#12. I think as someone who collects beautiful things from the past, the thing that I miss the most about modernism and the things I lament about the past are everyday things that you would use were made more beautifully. - Author: Dita Von Teese
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#13. Music, the word we use in our everyday language, is nothing less than the picture of our Beloved. It is because music is the picture of our Beloved that we love music. - Author: Hazrat Inayat Khan
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#14. The key metric of whether you've succeeded is what fraction of your employees use that dashboard everyday. - Author: Keith Rabois
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#15. There are a lot of different facets to my personality that I don't use all the time in my house, or in everyday life, that I can experience and share when I'm on a stage. - Author: Nancy Marchand
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#16. The dandelion was long popularly known as the 'pissabed' because of its supposed diuretic properties, and other names in everyday use included 'mare's fart', 'naked ladies', 'twitch-ballock', 'hounds-piss', 'open arse', and 'bum-towel'. - Author: Bill Bryson
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#17. It had surprised and impressed Tessia to learn that Everran and Avaria owned two wagons, one for their own everyday use and one kept for visits to the Royal Palace. Since the journey to the palace consisted of half the length of two streets, it seemed frivolous to own a vehicle especially for it. - Author: Trudi Canavan
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#18. In the chaos of everyday life, it's easy to lose sight of what really matters, and I can use my habits to make sure that my life reflects my values. - Author: Gretchen Rubin
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#19. Philosophy is an odd thing. When we use the word in everyday speech, you know, you sometimes hear it hilariously. - Author: Stephen Fry
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#20. A brain is like a muscle, a serial connection that you should train everyday; if you don't use it, you loose it - Author: Ana Claudia Antunes
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#21. Having room to run and having just the space to use your imagination and create stories out of everyday life, I think that had a lot to do with me wanting write. And write songs - Author: Taylor Swift
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#22. If we use common words on a great occasion, they are the more striking, because they are felt at once to have a particular meaning, like old banners, or everyday clothes, hung up in a sacred place. - Author: George Eliot
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#23. Preach the Gospels everyday & only if you have to...use words. - Author: Francis Of Assisi
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#24. If my dreams can happen to me, your dreams can happen to you. Champions are not made on the track or field; champions are made by the things you accomplish and the way you use your abilities in everyday life situations. - Author: Bob Beamon
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#25. If Satan can use our everyday experiences, both big and small, to cripple our true identity, then he renders God's people totally ineffective for the kingdom of Christ. - Author: Lysa TerKeurst
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#26. I've always envied people who compose music or paint, because they don't have to be bothered with the sort of crude mess that language normally is, in everyday life and in the way we use it. - Author: Franz Wright
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#27. With real wages still falling for many, people are increasingly being forced to use their credit cards, their dwindling savings, or take out payday or doorstep loans if they need to buy anything beyond the most everyday of items. - Author: Frances O'Grady
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#28. Giving these students, teenagers, any form of power over the use of their own words, allowing them to turn everyday raw material into some form of beauty, is a gift beyond measure. - Author: Gloria Ng
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#29. Everyday ... well, if I'm doing it myself, I have my five-minute makeup routine, which is I do tinted moisturizer, and then I do a quick concealer, and I use our bronzer every day. And then I have to curl my lashes, and then I do our Quickie mascara, and that's it. - Author: Kourtney Kardashian
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#30. How we use our money is the clearest outside indicator of what we really believe ... If someone is a true disciple of Jesus Christ, the evidence will be found in that person's everyday life - including his or her use of money. - Author: Larry Burkett
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#31. As we wisely gain knowledge through the everyday stuff, and grapple with the development of our discernment through everyday stuff, we'll use what we have to our advantage in making better decisions. (41) - Author: Lysa TerKeurst
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#32. We want to be able to service our customers more, like an Internet service. Our goal is to run one of the largest Internet services that enables people to use Windows on an everyday basis. - Author: Satya Nadella
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#33. I don't have much use for the concept of innateness. The everyday concept incorporates a number of different notions that can come apart in in many ways, and as a result encourages a range of dangerously fallacious inferences. - Author: David Papineau
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#34. The totality of life cannot be understood, so runs Sufi teaching, if it is studied only through the methods which we use in everyday living. - Author: Idries Shah
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#35. Street circuits mean that we are racing in the centre of roads that people use everyday, which is very cool for drivers, but it also makes it very easy to make a mistake, which adds more excitement for fans. - Author: Sam Bird
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#36. I love to read things that have moral messages, and I love to hear stories where it's not just a hook, you have to follow the story, you have to listen to the message of the song, and get it and use it in your everyday life. - Author: Valerie June
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#37. If people begin to use the full power of conscience in all the choices they make in their everyday life, from presidential elections to purchasing things in the grocery store, the world will change. - Author: Ilchi Lee
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#38. The words I use Are everyday words and yet are not the same! You will find no rhymes in my verse, no magic. There are your very own phrases. - Author: Paul Claudel
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#39. Evaluating and altering the way you use the word "we" in speech, thought and writing is the simplest, yet also one of the most profound changes you can make in your everyday life to secede psychologically from the global collective and become a barbarian. - Author: Jack Donovan
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#40. Down in the national news section, there's an article on a new pill, the 'Valium' they're calling it, 'to help women cope with everyday challenges.' God, I could use about ten of those little pills right now. - Author: Kathryn Stockett
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#41. Talk is cheap ... It is the way we organize and use our lives everyday that tells what we believe in. - Author: Cesar Chavez
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#42. My early attempts writing plays, which are very poetic, did not use the language that I work in now. I didn't recognize the poetry in everyday language of black America. I thought I had to change it to create art. - Author: August Wilson
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#43. The Convention is not only a visionary document. We are reminded daily that it is an agreement that works - and its utility can be seen in the everyday use to which I have seen it increasingly being put by country after country, in policy, in practice and in law. - Author: Carol Bellamy
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#44. Fashion is intoxicating, and it plays a part in all of our everyday lives. A lot of people use it as a form of escape, of realising a fantasy, and in some ways that becomes an unobtainable norm. - Author: Erin O'Connor
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#45. The love boat has crashed against the everyday
You and I, we are quits
And there is no use listing mutual hurts, sorrows, and pains. - Author: Vladimir Mayakovsky
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#46. On an everyday level, I use alcohol and drugs in general mostly to be in a happier mood, with the people around me. - Author: Gaspar Noe
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#47. I use debit cards for everyday purchases, as I don't believe in credit cards. But this has caused problems, especially with American touring, because I refuse to have a credit card - and in America you can't pay for anything on a debit card. - Author: Paloma Faith
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#48. Don't use your skin tone as a guide to choosing the color of your eye shadow. Rather, for everyday application, pick shades of shadow that bring out your eye color. - Author: Bobbi Brown
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#49. Making beautiful things for everyday use is a wonderful thing to do - making life flow more easily - but art confronts life, allowing it to stop and perhaps change direction - they are completely different. - Author: Antony Gormley
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#50. On Being Afraid to Use the Elementary School Bathrooms to Defecate
Son, you're complaining to the wrong man. I can shit anywhere, at any time. It's one of my finer qualities. Some might say my finest. - Author: Justin Halpern
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