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#1. Death, like a host, comes smiling to the door;
Smiling, he greets us, on that tranquil shore
Where neither piping bird nor peeping dawn
Disturbs the eternal sleep,
But in the stillness far withdrawn
Our dreamless rest for evermore we keep.

Robert Louis Stevenson

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#2. Oblivion, or an eternal sleep in which no pain could come to him again.

Jonathan Aycliffe

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#3. What is death but descending into a dark, eternal sleep?

B.L. Norris

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#4. Lay me down for the eternal sleep, and my soul will be forever yours to keep.


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#5. Have we so soon forgotten those four years of terrible carnage, the greatest war of all time; forgotten the millions of men who gave their lives, who made the supreme sacrifice and who today, beneath the soil of France and Belgium, sleep the eternal sleep?

Frank B. Kellogg

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#6. My life is a blunt to the head, a prayer for the dead,
Run around hustlin ... scared of the feds.
They said death is eternal sleep,
But the only thing is you ain't really sure if you prepared for the bed.

Styles P

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#7. Death doesn't always want your eternal sleep. Sometimes Death just wants your eternity.

Jacquelynn Gagne

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#8. When summoned hence to thine eternal sleep, Oh, may'st thou smile while all around thee weep.

Charles Wesley

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#9. Death is an eternal sleep.

Joseph Fouche

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#10. In his den the monster keep, Giver of eternal sleep.


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#11. If the matter of death is reduced to sleep and rest, what can there be so bitter in it, that any one should pine in eternal grief for the decease of a friend?


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#12. The howling pariah dogs, the cocks that herald dawn all night, the drumming, the moaning that will be found later white plumage huddled on telegraph wires in back gardens or fowl roosting in apple trees, the eternal sorrow that never sleeps of great Mexico.

Malcolm Lowry

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#13. Time and space always change, but there is something which is eternal and changeless. For example, the world and time, past or future, nothing exists for us in sleep. But we exist. Let us try to find out that which is changeless and which always exists.

Ramana Maharshi

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#14. Who hath seen the Phantom Ship,
Her lordly rise and lowly dip,
Careering o'er the lonesome main,
No port shall know her keel again ...
Ah, woe is in the awful sight,
The sailor finds there eternal night,
'Neath the waters he shall ever sleep,
And Ocean will the secret keep

Albert Pinkham Ryder

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#15. Doom is nigh. I am in acute distress, desperately trying to coax sleep, opening my eyes every few seconds to check their faded gleam, and imagining paradise as a place where a sleepless neighbor reads an endless book by the light of an eternal candle.

Vladimir Nabokov

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#16. Sleep is a little death, dreams the whisperings of the Other, who would drag us all into his eternal night.

George R R Martin

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#17. Finally, both of them fell asleep together with their limbs entwined in the eternal position of a lover's embrace.

Alan Kinross

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#18. Then star nor sun shall waken, Nor any change of light: Nor sound of waters shaken, Nor any sound or sight: Nor wintry leaves nor vernal; Nor days nor things diurnal; Only the sleep eternal In an eternal night.

Algernon Charles Swinburne

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#19. And yet, and yet, in these our ghostly lives,
Half night, half day, half sleeping, half awake,
How if our waking life, like that of sleep,
Be all a dream in that eternal life
To which we wake not till we sleep in death

Pedro Calderon De La Barca

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#20. Death gives us sleep, eternal youth, and immortality.

Jean Paul

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#21. The nations were awakened from the sleep of death, as the words of eternal life flowed from the Apostles' lips, - the temples of superstition were shut or destroyed, and churches were planted in every part of the civilized world.

John Strachan

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#22. And if the worst, or best, happens, and Death comes for you in the snow, he comes disguised as Sleep, and you greet him rather as a welcome friend than a gruesome foe.

Apsley Cherry-Garrard

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#23. We teach what we know, but we reproduce what we are.

John C. Maxwell

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#24. I guess my height has hurt me as much as it's helped me. In comedy people don't mind casting tall women next to shorter men. It adds to the humour.

Allison Janney

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#25. Adulthood just meant finding the variety of crazy that resonated the most with you and doing it until you died or it killed you - whichever came first. "Where

Elise Kova

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#26. I put on my shoes and a big, fake smile. I laughed on the outside while I screamed on the inside. My body was in the restaurant but my mind was in hell.

Michelle Hodkin

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#27. In a perfect world, you and I probably wouldn't exist, so let's not hope for one.

Ze Frank

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#28. But anyone who believes that the eternal issue of war and peace in Europe has been permanently laid to rest could be making a monumental error. The demons haven't been banished; they are merely sleeping, as the wars in Bosnia and Kosovo have shown us.

Jean-Claude Juncker

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#29. The first album I bought was the Spice Girls, ha ha.

Rita Ora

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#30. Thou fool, what is sleep but the image of death? Fate will give an eternal rest.
[Lat., Stulte, quid est somnus, gelidae nisi mortis imago?
Longa quiescendi tempora fata dabunt.]


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#31. I've never feared death before. I've always been willing to die. Sometimes I even welcomed it, wishing for this all to be over and finally find peace in an endless sleep. But when I look at you, I see possibility, and I start to do what I know better than to do - I wonder

Emalynne Wilder

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#32. There is nothing frightening about an eternal dreamless sleep. Surely it is better than eternal torment in Hell and eternal boredom in Heaven.

Isaac Asimov

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