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Top 20 Quotes About Employment Law

#1. Even a wizard would have a great deal of difficulty repealing the economic law that higher minimum wages reduce employment. Since politicians are not wizards, they should not try. - Author: Gary Becker
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#2. A pastor who counsels an abuse victim to:
- Submit to her husband
- Pray harder, or
- Be a better wife
can't help her. She should not feel guilty about looking elsewhere for help. - Author: Caroline Abbott
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#3. The theory that if wages go up, employment goes down isn't a physical law like F=MA. It's a moral law, like 'Bedtime is 9:00 P.M.' - Author: Nick Hanauer
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#4. I was a horrible student. I really hated school. - Author: Craig Venter
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#5. Reduced employment opportunities is one effect of minimum wage legislation. The minimum wage law has imposed incalculable harm on the disadvantaged members of our society. The only moral thing to do is to repeal it. - Author: Walter E. Williams
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#6. Male and female citizens, being equal in the eyes of the law, must be equally admitted to all honors, positions, and public employment according to their capacity and without other distinctions besides those of their virtues and talents. - Author: Olympe De Gouges
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#7. Our runaway judiciary is badly in need of restraint by Congress. - Author: Phyllis Schlafly
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#8. When ministers in this government talk about investing in education and skills, about making the planning system work; about employment law reform and delivering transport and power generation and broadband communication infrastructure, we are talking about raising Britain's productivity. - Author: Philip Hammond
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#9. The fundamental law of capitalism is: when workers have more money, businesses have more customers, and need more workers. The idea that high wages equals low employment, it's absurd. - Author: Nick Hanauer
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#10. Mental illness is among the most stigmatized of categories.' People are ashamed of being mentally ill. They fear disclosing their condition to their friends and confidants-and certainly to their employers. - Author: Elyn R. Saks
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#11. I believe that hospitality is central to the heart and ministry of Jesus and that to the extent we fail to extend this hospitality to gay people, the church will fail to walk in the way of Jesus. - Author: Wendy Vanderwal-Gritter
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#12. Look what happened with the employment law in France-the law was withdrawn because the people marched in the streets. I think what we need is a global protest movement of people who won't give up. - Author: Jose Saramago
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#13. When I was 18 years old I knew pretty much what I wanted to do in life. When I was 18 I knew I wanted to be a pro bodybuilder. - Author: Branch Warren
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#14. Maybe they're not scared of different. Maybe they're scared of same. If we turn out to be too much like them, who can they be? - Author: Richard Powers
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#15. A well regulated commerce is not, like law, physic, or divinity, to be overstocked with hands; but, on the contrary, flourishes by multitudes, and gives employment to all its professors. - Author: Joseph Addison
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#16. Civil liberty is the status of the man who is guaranteed by law and civil institutions the exclusive employment of all his own powers for his own welfare. - Author: William Graham Sumner
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#17. No one gains from fair employment law and legislation if there is no employment to be had. - Author: John F. Kennedy
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#18. I do believe that, under the law, under the Constitution of the United States, and under our public policy, that women deserve and should have a right to enjoy equal employment opportunity. - Author: Gloria Allred
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#19. Unions can play a valuable role in large organisations where it is difficult to talk to a thousand people. They can negotiate annual pay awards with management, represent grievance cases, and explain and advise on complicated changes in employment or pension law. - Author: Jim Ratcliffe
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#20. Aunt Elizabeth said, 'Do you expect to attend many balls, if I may ask?' and I said, 'Yes, when I am rich and famous.' and Aunt Elizabeth said, 'Yes, when the moon is made of green cheese. - Author: L.M. Montgomery
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