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#1. Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. I'll share the formula I learned while forging my way forward as a full-time painter for forty-four years. The steps all break down to one simple sentence: Make art that connects with enough folks for you to earn a splendid living. - Author: Jack White
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#2. The United States has never been afraid of a challenge. In times of crisis, it is American innovation and ingenuity that has forged the path to progress and prosperity. - Author: Diana DeGette
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#3. This war has begun in darkness and it will end in silence. - Author: Evelyn Waugh
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#4. Writers change the world one heart, one mind, at a time. That should be enough to keep us going. - Author: David Farland
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#5. Historically and politically, the petit-bourgeois is the key to the century. The bourgeois and proletariat classes have become abstractions: the petite-bourgeoisie, in contrast, is everywhere, you can see it everywhere, even in the areas of the bourgeois and the proletariat, what's left of them. - Author: Roland Barthes
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#6. I understand that government should live within its means, value the money it holds in trust from you the taxpayer, avoid waste and, above all else, observe the first maxim of good government: namely, do no avoidable harm. - Author: Tony Abbott
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#7. Undoubtedly Italians use hand gestures and body language more creatively and prolifically than other European cultures. - Author: Ross King
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#8. Random? You'€d almost think we were dealing with an identifiable enemy motivated by a distinct ideology that is drawn verbatim from a particular belief system'€s scriptures. Nah ... - Author: Andrew C. McCarthy
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#9. I think I may boast myself to be, with all possible vanity, the most unlearned and uninformed female who ever dared to be an authoress. - Author: Jane Austen
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#10. Let Pirelli's / Miracle Elixir / Activate your roots, sir ...
Keep it off your boots, sir- / Eats right through.
Yes, get Pirelli's! / Use a bottle of it! / Ladies seem to love it ...
Flies do, too! - Author: Stephen Sondheim
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#11. I found that when I did something for the sake of heaven, heaven happened. These things changed my life. I owe them to my encounter with Christianity. - Author: Lionel Blue
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#12. I've got an Avalon guitar - that's the company that used to be Lowden. They come out of Ireland, and they're like these folk kind of guitars. You can pick 'em, you can strum 'em - they're quite good. - Author: James Vincent McMorrow
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