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#1. A lot of people say if you can't love yourself, then you can't love others. It's always different, but I definitely have loved a lot in my life. - Author: Melanie Martinez
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#2. The mother ... swinging the children by pulling on a length of string, while at the same time she kept and eye on them with that protective watchfulness, half animal, half angelic, which is the quality of motherhood. - Author: Victor Hugo
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#3. I believe a lot of people that are gay, had even had problems like I had in the past. I think they've been hurt by somebody from the opposite sex, and they don't know how to function right in those relationships. - Author: Joyce Meyer
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#4. Life is mostly froth and bubble - Author: Adam Lindsay Gordon
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#5. Hey! Back up off her!" Travis frowned, shoving anyone who came near me. His stern expression melted into a smile at the sight my shirt, and then he dabbed my face with a towel. "Sorry about that, Pigeon. - Author: Jamie McGuire
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#6. Let me live deep while I live; let me know the rich juices of red meat & stinging wine on my palate, the hot embrace of white arms, the mad exultation of battle when the blue blades flame crimson, and I am content ... Conan the Cimmerian. - Author: Robert E. Howard
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#7. Volume depends precisely on the writer's having been able to sit in a room every day, year after year, alone. - Author: Susan Sontag
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#8. Yes, I love to play drums and bass and guitar and piano. Those are the main instruments I play. That is it. - Author: Jeff Lynne
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#9. I wouldn't want to have the thought police going to people's homes, dictating what they teach their children. I don't want to be Big Brotherish. I would hate that. - Author: Richard Dawkins
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#10. Too long spent denying each other, we no longer hid our want. - Author: Scarlett Dawn
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#11. Love doesn't need to be answered, It just quietly and freely gives. - Author: John De Ruiter
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#12. Babe Ruth made a great mistake when he gave up pitching. - Author: Tris Speaker
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#13. In a way... I put all my romanticism into that one night and I was never able to feel all this again. Like... somehow this night took things away from me and... I expressed them to you, and you took them with you! It made me feel cold, like if love wasn't for me! - Author: Celine
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#14. The entire future of marriage rests with Justice Anthony Kennedy, the man who declared in Citizens United that corporations are people with constitutional rights. I just hope he doesn't do anything rash, like declare that homosexuals are people with constitutional rights. - Author: Stephen Colbert
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