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#1. Ebenezar blinked . Then he turned his face to me his expression clearly asking whether or not I was out of my damned mind .

"Wile E. Coyote" I said to him soberly . "Suuuuuuper Genius - Author: Jim Butcher
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#2. Nearly one in ten Americans are still out of work. And still, the President and Congress are focused on ramming through their health-care bill, whatever it takes, whatever the cost. - Author: Scott Brown
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#3. Art too is just a way of living. - Author: Rainer Maria Rilke
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#4. It is the part of courage, when misfortune comes, to bear without repining the ruin of our hopes, to turn away our thoughts from vain regrets. This degree of submission to Power is not only just and right: it is the very gate of wisdom. - Author: Bertrand Russell
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#5. Black Court vampires. I just shortened it some."
Ebenezar tsked. "Blampires. That's the problem with you young people. Shortening all the words. - Author: Jim Butcher
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#6. There're things we keep hidden from one another. Things we hide from ourselves. Things that are kept hidden from us. And things no one knows. You always learn the damnedest things at the worst possible times. - Author: Jim Butcher
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#7. Nothing can compare to the feeling evoked by turning the page in a great book. - Author: Aneta Cruz
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#8. Don't write what you know. Write who you are. Write your heart and soul. Write what you dream of when you look to the stars. - Author: Luke Taylor
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#9. They always have good coffee here," Ebenezar said a few moments later. "And they don't call it funny names," I said. "It's just coffee. Not frappalattegrandechino. - Author: Jim Butcher
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