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#1. Men are always doomed to be duped, not so much by the arts of the other as by their own imagination. They are always wooing goddesses, and marrying mere mortals. - Author: Washington Irving
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#2. Reading 'Blood Will Out,' one begins to understand how so many people were duped by Clark Rockefeller. All the imposter needs is some kind of initial agreement that he is who he says he is; thereafter, consensus builds via a network of human relationships. - Author: Amity Gaige
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#3. It was said that if you duped death, if you kept someone alive who should have died, then you might be called to die in their place. Energy was demanded, if not from one source, then from another. - Author: Erik Bundy
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#4. The philosopher is like a man fasting in the midst of universal intoxication. He alone perceives the illusion of which all creatures are the willing playthings; he is less duped than his neighbour by his own nature. - Author: Henri Frederic Amiel
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#5. Isn't it true that when some couple celebrates their tenth or fifteenth anniversary they seem far from triumphant? In fact they seem duped while dirty Uncle Harry, the rake, seems to wear the laurels. - Author: John Cheever
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#6. Humans tended to use the terms free and freedom to indicate states of being that were anything but. - Author: Robert Repino
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#7. Women are still angry about feeling duped and undervalued, but instead of ignoring their kids and downing cocktails all day, as in Friedan's time, now we have the angry overdrive child-rearing style: motherhood as a competitive sport. - Author: Laura Kipnis
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#8. The case of the inventor who is duped by his own invention emphasizes our need for circumspection. - Author: Adolfo Bioy Casares
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#9. We have as a nation been duped by those who use our guilt about how we treated the innocent pawns in the Vietnam War game - the soldiers - into missing the point once again about the utter senselessness that is war. - Author: Steven Weber
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#10. You will laugh when you discover that I often had no scruples about deceiving nitwits and scoundrels and fools when I found it necessary. As for women, this sort of reciprocal deceit cancels itself out, for when love enters in, both parties are usually dupes - Author: Giacomo Casanova
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#11. Millions of Americans were duped by the federal government and the Federal Reserve into buying homes they could not afford and failed to count the cost. When the financial crisis of 2008 hit, they could not keep up the monthly mortgage payments and defaulted. - Author: Mark Skousen
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#12. In this case," said Randall unpleasantly, "it affords me purer gratification to dwell upon the thought of my dear Aunt Gertrude duped and betrayed."
"Your aunt doesn't suffer throught it!"
"What a pity!" said Randall. - Author: Georgette Heyer
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#13. The hardest thing in the world, I now know, is to hold in your head that it is okay to think that you are right, but not to think so necessarily because everyone who disagrees with you is wrong or stupid or duped or bad. - Author: Abigail Disney
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#14. Natural selection has duped us with an emotion that encourages group thinking. It is an emotion that makes us act as if for the good of the group; an emotion that brings pleasure, pride, or even thrills from coordinated group activity. - Author: Mark Pagel
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#15. A man of correct insight among those who are duped and deluded resembles one whose watch is right while all the clocks in the town give the wrong time. - Author: Arthur Schopenhauer
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#16. Concetta is being duped. But you should never look down on someone for trusting the wrong person. It could happen to any of us. - Author: Adriana Trigiani
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#17. There is a long dishonourable tradition of western intellectuals who have been duped by Moscow. The list includes Bernard Shaw, the Webbs, H. G. Wells, and Andre Gide. - Author: Luke Harding
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#18. When designers intentionally trick users into inviting friends or blasting a message to their social networks, they may see some initial growth, but it comes at the expense of users' goodwill and trust. When people discover they've been duped, they vent their frustration and stop using the product. - Author: Nir Eyal
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#19. We are as often duped by diffidence as by confidence. - Author: Lord Chesterfield
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#20. He who is too much afraid of being duped has lost the power of being magnanimous. - Author: Henri Frederic Amiel
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#21. Callin something a 'moral panic' does not imply that this something does not exist or happened at all and that reaction is based on fantasy, hysteria, delusion and illusion or being duped by the powerful. - Author: Stanley Cohen
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#22. As a general thing, I have not 'duped the world' nor attempted to do so ... I have generally given people the worth of their money twice told. - Author: P.T. Barnum
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#23. As for the Pope, I am too old to be frightened by his shadow, and am quite sure his shadow or Substance will do less harm to the liberties of my country than will a party, who seek to acquire political power by exciting religious bigotry in the minds of their duped followers. - Author: Ezra Cornell
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#24. On some levels, you can also have this feeling that we are being duped, somehow. And that the world is at play for something you would understand more if it were pure ideology. It is a very strange time and also basic things are being taken away. - Author: Edwidge Danticat
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#25. We are easily duped by those we love. - Author: Moliere
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#26. Puzzles are like songs - A good puzzle can give you all the pleasure of being duped that a mystery story can. It has surface innocence, surprise, the revelation of a concealed meaning, and the catharsis of solution. - Author: Stephen Sondheim
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#27. Unfortunately, nigh the whole world is now duped into thinking that silly fill-in forms on web pages is the way to do user interfaces. - Author: Erik Naggum
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#28. Pessimists fear becoming the dupes of Hope. Optimists enjoy Hope's company, and consider being duped no great matter. - Author: Mason Cooley
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#29. A wise man may be duped as well as a fool; but the fool publishes the triumph of the deceiver. - Author: Charles Caleb Colton
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#30. At the end, a journey based on my imagination will leave me imagining that I should have engaged the very thing I used my imagination to avoid. - Author: Craig D. Lounsbrough
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#31. But I still has enough longing for that concept that I didn't want to dispel it completely. Meaning: I didn't want to tell Lily that I felt we'd all been duped by Plato and the idea of a soul mate. Just in case it turned out that she was mine. - Author: David Levithan
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#32. What philosophers say about actuality [Virkelighed] is often just as disappointing as it is when one reads on a sign in a secondhand shop: Pressing Done Here. If a person were to bring his clothes to be pressed, he would be duped, for the sign is merely for sale. - Author: Soren Kierkegaard
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#33. Vanity is easily duped. Ambition, not. - Author: Mason Cooley
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#34. An acquired taste, this dense Jabberwocky-ish word salad is a political allegory about a populace that's been pharmaceutically duped into believing its wretched world is wonderful. - Author: Manohla Dargis
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#35. Man may reproach women for their dissimulation, but his complacency must be great indeed for him to be so constantly duped. - Author: Simone De Beauvoir
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#36. It's a razor's edge kind of innocence, which relies on a willingness to be duped for the sake of transcending ordinary experience, for the sake of astonishment. - Author: Maud Casey
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#37. Being lost without grasping the rather obvious fact that we are lost is by far the best guarantee we have that we're going to stay lost. - Author: Craig D. Lounsbrough
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#38. In the Enron scandal, whistleblower Sherron Watkins is now calling herself Enron Brokovitch. She testified Ken Lay was duped by the other executives. Oh, yeah. When is the last time you got duped and made $100 million? - Author: Jay Leno
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#39. Voting is not a right. It is a method used to determine which politician was most able to brainwash you. - Author: Dennis E. Adonis
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#40. We don't have any garlic bulbs, so I bring the cauliflower, and hope that any vampires I encounter will be of the myopic, easily duped variety. - Author: Karen Russell
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#41. I want to say a word to the Brahmins: In the name of God, religion, sastras you have duped us. We were the ruling people. Stop this life of cheating us from this year. Give room for rationalism and humanism. - Author: Periyar E.V. Ramasamy
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#42. People don't care about being duped as long as they're happy, which is the shortest form of happiness; hence 'self-duprication' becomes a habit. - Author: Criss Jami
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#43. The inclination to self-depreciation, to freely accepting being robbed, being duped, and being swindled, could be the modesty of a god among men. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#44. I cannot believe I have been duped, not once but twice. My three years gaining a degree in psychology was clearly a waste of time. I might as well have studied Klingon. - Author: Susan Lodge
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#45. Shameless, impudent, meddling females, who presumed to set at naught the Society's prohibition on women's magic, and duped the common people with their potions and cantrips! - Author: Zen Cho
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#46. Do not be duped by little duties. Do not be a chore man all your days. - Author: Henry Miller
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#47. He sensed her aroma and greedily breathed in the fragrance. He must not let himself be duped. Those cunning bastards at Karl Lagerfeld and Christian Dior knew exactly what was required to trap a poor man. - Author: Jo Nesbo
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#48. Unfortunately, I ended up kind of getting sadly duped, in a way. I haven't had an agent in 10 years, and now I'm doing some of the most interesting films I've ever had an opportunity to play in. - Author: Daryl Hannah
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