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#1. No matter how I say it, Donghae hyung holds a very high place in my heart.

Cho Kyuhyun

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#2. Donghae always act cute. Not that he's pretending but he is naturally cute.


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#3. I feel honoured to know Donghae Hyung, but when I'm with him, I feel like I'm more like the hyung.

Cho Kyuhyun

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#4. Life is Happiness. Happiness is the fact that I can do something right now.

Lee Donghae

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#5. People get upset when you say you kill people. Fair enough.

Adam Sternbergh

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#6. Don't just believe, EXPECT!! Make preparations to succeed & be open to receive!

Abhishek Kumar

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#7. HBO is not an advertiser-based model, it's a subscription model. So what's significant to HBO is not necessarily the debut of an episode, it's the cumulative numbers.

Michael Mann

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#8. In everything the ends well defined are the secret of durable success.

Victor Cousin

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#9. I wouldn't want [my daughtr] to be a model. I don't think it's the best industry really for young girls. Unless you're really strong, it can really f**k you up.

Kate Moss

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#10. How do you make love to someone when you know they'll be gone forever the next day? How do you spend the last few hours with someone when you know there will never be
anything after that?

B.G. Harlen

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#11. Forget horror icon, Kety Bates is an icon. She's an acting icon. I was raised on so many of her films, everything from Misery to Fried Green Tomatoes to Delores Claiborne, all films that I've watched multiple times and been inspired by.

Matt Bomer

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#12. It really comes down to the fact that, because I was perceived as a bad guy for leaving the show, I think people were rooting against the movies. That was really unfortunate.

David Caruso

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#13. of the LORD of hosts is the house of Israel And the men of Judah His delightful plant. Thus He looked for justice, but behold, bloodshed; For righteousness, but behold, a cry of distress.


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#14. People don't smile because they're happy. They're happy because they smile ...

Lee Donghae

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#15. I have two sisters and a mother, obviously, so I grew up with a household of girls. Maybe I have a greater respect for women because of it.

Hayden Christensen

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#16. But how will I know if he's acting strange?" Ceony asked. "He's strange already." Mg.

Charlie N. Holmberg

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#17. If I get married one day, or meet the girl I like, I'll prepare 100m to 150m of candles, or maybe red carpet

Lee Donghae

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#18. Hee that strikes with his tongue, must ward with his head.

George Herbert

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#19. I want my wife to wake me up with a sweet kiss

Lee Donghae

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#20. Love when it comes, its easy. But when it leaves, its like dying.

Lee Donghae

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#21. Yes, and many times it's frustrating, because I'm simply part of the show, and I'm not in the creative end of it, who goes out with detectives and tries to find these things out.

Robert Stack

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#22. As though it had always been forbidden to remember
each of us grew up
knowing nothing about the beginning

W.S. Merwin

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#23. As long as God is with me, I don't need anything else. With my father looking after me from heaven, I wouldn't be tired or exhausted, no matter what! As long as I'm with my beloved members, i can do anything! With ELF's care on me, I can do everything

Lee Donghae

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#24. My God, the corruptions of literature. It put all these notions into our heads.

Charles Baxter

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