Top 15 Quotes About Difficult Colleagues

#1. Educators committed to engaging in the long-term, often difficult work of strengthening their relationships with colleagues, students and parents and expanding their opportunities for personal growth will find Nonviolent Communication to be an invaluable tool.

Ron Rubin

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#2. My early colleagues and myself helped create the life styles of Americans and, by osmosis, of the rest of the world. I found it difficult to reconcile success with humility. I tried it first, but it meant avoiding the very essence of my career - total exhilaration and the ecstasy of creativity.

Raymond Loewy

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#3. Meanwhile, the originator of a theory may have a very lonely time, especially if his colleagues find his views of nature unfamiliar, and difficult to appreciate.

Peter D. Mitchell

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#4. Some of my colleagues seem more interested in using every procedural method possible to keep the Senate from doing anything than they are in creating jobs or helping Americans struggling in a difficult economy.

Al Franken

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#5. It's easy to kick somebody when they're down. George W. Bush has dealt with more difficult issues than any president since Franklin Roosevelt. And I've told my colleagues it's time that we go stand up for the president.

John Boehner

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#6. If there is a God, I'd like to look him in the face knowing I'd died as I lived. In conscious sin.

Sarah Kane

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#7. I find it difficult to believe that God would want us to strip the courts of their powers to interpret the laws of this land, albeit with the divergent opinions. I shudder that my colleagues do not understand the dynamics of the Federal judiciary.

Alcee Hastings

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#8. Vices that are familiar we pardon, and only new ones reprehend.

Publilius Syrus

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#9. I think that practising the law, particularly litigation, and particularly in Glasgow, has always been difficult enough without adding to it by having problems with professional colleagues or former colleagues.

Len G. Murray

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#10. To each, or about each, of his colleagues he had said at one time or other, something ... something impossible to recall in this or that case and difficult to define in general terms
some careless bright and harsh trifle that had grazed a stretch of raw flesh.

Vladimir Nabokov

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#11. In one way, I'm sympathetic to the institutional reluctance to face the music. I'd give a lot to mark my weight to 'model' rather than to 'market.'

Warren Buffett

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#12. In the arena of friendship and in sharp contrast to today, men were perceived to be far superior to women at forging bonds with members of the same sex, in part because women were expected to save their empathy and relational resources for their husbands.


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#13. I may not have been the best Yankee to put on the pinstripes, but I am the proudest.

Billy Martin

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#14. In science, one should use all available resources to solve difficult problems. One of our most powerful resources is the insight of our colleagues.

Peter Agre

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#15. Mr. President, it may surprise my colleagues, but I am no fan of federal disaster programs for agriculture. They are difficult to pass and often a disaster to implement.

Pat Roberts

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