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#1. I maintain an ongoing survey of Internet Publishing and self publishing, so that it is now possible for any writer with a book to get it published at nominal cost or free, and to have it on sale at booksellers like Amazon. - Author: Piers Anthony
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#2. How hard can it be to find a girl and an elephant for Christ's sake? - Author: Sara Gruen
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#3. This could be it, I think I'm in love. It's love this time ... It just seems to fit, I think I'm in love ... This love is mine. - Author: Shania Twain
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#4. [Arthur]
"Er ... Just how much did you have to drink?"
Merlin frowned at Arthur ... Both of him. - Author: FayJay
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#5. I saw how greatly he suffered the requirement of being clever. It separated him from his soul, and it didn't get him anything other than a living. - Author: Mark Helprin
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#6. Learning how to respond to and master the process of change - and even to excel at it - is a critical leadership skill for the twenty-first century. Constant, rapid change will be a fact of life for all of us. - Author: Jennifer James
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#7. Every day spent with you is like having a cesarean section. - Author: David Sedaris
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#8. To preserve the past is to save the future... - Author: Nanette L. Avery
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#9. Throw aside your scriptures in the Ganga and teach the people first the means of procuring their food and clothing, and then you will find time to read to them the scriptures. - Author: Swami Vivekananda
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#10. When I was a young kid I loved Don Rickles, Buddy Hackett and Jackie Vernon. - Author: Marc Maron
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