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Top 14 Quotes About Depair

#1. Enjoy the movie. I hear the guy gets the girl" I said, my tone bold and flirtatious.
"Which guy?" She laughed, playing along. I could hear her smile through the phone. It felt good to make her smile. Really good.
I paused before answering, "The one who deserves her. - Author: Melissa Brown
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#2. I think there was an awful lot about him that I thought I knew, but the truth was I was just coloring in the missing parts with colors I liked. - Author: Craig Johnson
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#3. Meditation stills the wandering mind and establishes us forever in a state of peace. - Author: Swami Muktananda
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#4. I always wanted the films to play in malls, and I wanted as many people as possible to see them. I never want them to be marginalized in the kind of rarefied, elitist world. I always have hopes that the films will permeate culture in a big way. A lot of times, I'm wrong, but it's always the hope. - Author: Harmony Korine
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#5. What he needed was to find fifty more people like him, who had stopped being themselves without realizing it. - Author: Jennifer Egan
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#6. When you buy a lottery ticket, you don't know how tickets have been sold. But sold they have been. And there is an underlying distribution for the game. - Author: Robert Haugen
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#7. Books were like old friends, with their worn covers and well-thumbed pages.. - Author: Naomi Ragen
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#8. He's the victim of a critical age; he has ceased to believe in himself and he doesn't know what to believe in. - Author: Henry James
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#9. What if, when Tracy Austin writes that after her 1989 car crash, 'I quickly accepted that there was nothing I could do about it,' the statement is not only true but exhaustively descriptive of the entire acceptance process she went through? - Author: David Foster Wallace
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#10. I personally don't like school, but you have to do it if you want to get through life, so pretty much I put up with it. - Author: RJ Mitte
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#11. All my joys resemble more a momentary intoxication than the real gold of happiness. It was all but an illusion. - Author: Richard Von Krafft-Ebing
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#12. God's more in control than we are. Obviously you still take all the precautions and safety measures inside your car. - Author: Matt Kenseth
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#13. We can never safely exceed the actual facts in our narratives. Of pure invention, such as some suppose, there is no instance. To write a true work of fiction even is only to take leisure and liberty to describe some things more exactly as they are. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
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#14. The clearest relationships were distorted, the most obvious were forgotten, the trivial and unimportant pushed into the foreground. It must be written again, right from the beginning ... - Author: Hermann Hesse
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