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Top 12 Quotes About Deceiving Eyes

#1. How can you trust only yourself when your eyes can blind you, your ears deceive you, when you speak that which you don't mean, and do that which you planned against? - Author: Kyle Schmalenberg
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#2. I'm glad she left me the kids. I'd be lost without them. Lost and bitter. With them here, I'm only bitter. - Author: Steven Herrick
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#3. If someone asked me to name the first two attributes of Ryke Meadows, aggressive wouldn't even be on the list. In the heart of his soul lies kindness, wrapped tightly in selflessness that shows in almost every action. - Author: Krista Ritchie
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#4. Violence often brings about momentary results. - Author: Martin Luther King Jr.
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#5. I believe that, artistically and culturally, the free radio air should be able to support local artists of whatever genre. Play 40 percent of your local artists; don't suck up to major labels to the point where you neglect your own locale. - Author: Chuck D
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#6. Such as have reason, understanding, or common sense, will, and ought to make use of it in those things that concern themselves and their posterity, and suspect the words of such as are interested in deceiving or persuading them not to see with their own eyes. - Author: Algernon Sidney
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#7. In Italy, there are so many significant architectural structures in history such as the Pantheon in Rome, or the Duomo. - Author: Tadao Ando
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#8. Hearts can deceive. Words can deceive. But eyes we should trust. - Author: Cesare Borgia
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#9. I let my eyes deceive me from the start, they told me I wanted her more than I wanted you. Guess my eyes were bigger than my heart. - Author: Conway Twitty
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#10. Sight is one of the most easily deceived senses. I could make a coin disappear and your eyes would believe it gone, even if it were merely up my sleeve. - Author: Megan Chance
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#11. I have no wealth or splendors to give, but I have love and smiles to share. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#12. The vain man does not think he is vain. - Author: Gilbert Ryle
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