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Top 16 Quotes About Daoism

#1. When I let go of who I am, I become who I might be. - Author: Lao-Tzu
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#2. Art is a shadow of Divine perfection. - Author: Michelangelo
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#3. I don't use real people for inspiration. - Author: Stef Penney
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#4. Joffrey received loving kisses from the bride's father and his two new brothers, Loras and Garlan. No one seemed in any great rush to kiss Tyrion. When the king and queen had taken their seats, the High Septon rose to lead a prayer. - Author: George R R Martin
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#5. There's an ancient tension between wanting to savor the world as it is and wanting to improve on the world as given. - Author: Leon Kass
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#6. The destruction of the natural beauty, the ecosystems, and the majesty of mountains affect us in ways we're not even aware of. Every time a mountain is beheaded, we chop off a little part of our souls. - Author: Gloria Reuben
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#7. One gains by losing and loses by gaining. - Author: Lao-Tzu
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#8. I'd say people respond to me on four levels and four levels only; they want to pray to me, be me, do me or kill me. - Author: Katy Evans
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#9. When a not-doing comes upon you, and there is no reflection of yourself to be found, many things can and will be related back to you as knowledge, yet you have no way of knowing how you assimilated that wisdom. - Author: Lujan Matus
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#10. The Universe consists of non-simultaneously apprehended events. - Author: R. Buckminster Fuller
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#11. To make an epoch in the world, two conditions are manifestly essential-a good head and a great inheritance. - Author: Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
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#12. Life continues even if no one has proven to us the shape and size of the Earth, even if no one has informed us about the composition of air and the depth of sky.
We will not float in weightlessness simply because we have not read the lesson on gravity. - Author: Danail Hristov
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#13. You would have thought that I had left 11 corpses on the steps of a funeral home. - Author: Alex Ferguson
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#14. When I write, all those that we don't know we can be write themselves from me, without exclusion, without prediction, and everything that we will be calls us to the tireless, intoxicating, tender-costly-search for love. We will never lack ourselves. - Author: Helene Cixous
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#15. Whoever can endure unmixed delight, whoever can tolerate music and painting and poetry all in one, whoever wishes to be rid of thought and to let the busy anvils of the brain be silent for a time, let him read in the "Faery Queen." - Author: James Russell Lowell
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#16. Withdraw yourself from the low places and replace yourself to the high places! Leave the local positions; take a universal position! To see the big picture is the key for the salvation! - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
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