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Top 9 Quotes About Dangers Of Pride

#1. It requires greater courage to preserve inner freedom, to move on in one's inward journey into new realms, than to stand defiantly for outer freedom. It is often easier to play the martyr, as it is to be rash in battle.

Rollo May

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#2. Making love is not just becoming as one, or even two, but becoming as a hundred thousand. Desiring-machines or the nonhuman sex: not one or even two sexes, but n sexes.

Gilles Deleuze

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#3. In ancient mythology," Langdon offered, "a hero in denial is the ultimate manifestation of hubris and pride. No man is more prideful than he who believes himself immune to the dangers of the world.

Dan Brown

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#4. We pride ourselves on being the only species that understands the concept of risk, yet we have a confounding habit of worrying about mere possibilities while ignoring probabilities, building barricades against perceived dangers while leaving ourselves exposed to real ones.

Jeffrey Kluger

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#5. One can easily tell that the creator of the paintings in the Sistine Chapel was above all a sculptor.

Edvard Munch

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#6. As the palm-tree standeth so straight and so tall, The more the hail beats, and the more the rains fall.

Simon Dach

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#7. Those who are right do not argue. Those who argue are not right.


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#8. Seeing him was a sucker punch to the gut. Once upon a time he'd loved her. And then when he'd stopped, it wasn't really his fault.

Sarina Bowen

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#9. It was under a solemn consciousness of the dangers from ecclesiastical ambition, the bigotry of spiritual pride, and the intolerance of sects ... that is was deemed advisable to exclude from the national government all power to act upon the subject.

Joseph Story

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