Top 21 Quotes About Cypress Trees

#1. Alas for him who never sees The stars shine through his cypress-trees Who, hopeless, lays his dead away, Nor looks to see the breaking day Across the mournful marbles play!

John Greenleaf Whittier

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#2. Phocion compared the speeches of Leosthenes to cypress-trees. "They are tall," said he, "and comely, but bear no fruit.


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#3. Newer and more modern cemeteries, devoid of cypress trees or any other vegetation, were usually situated well outside the new quarters and surrounded by tall concrete walls, just like factories, military bases, and hospitals.

Orhan Pamuk

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#4. When you get into Louisiana, it really is like a different country in a lot of ways. The plants you see are a little different, like the weeping willows and the cypress trees that come up out of the bayou. And it's steamy hot.

Sam Trammell

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#5. I do not expect anyone will ever have the opportunity of constructing another course like Cypress Point, as I do not suppose anywhere in the world is there such a glorious combination of rocky coast, sand dunes, pine woods and cypress trees.

Alister MacKenzie

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#6. Do you remember the suburbs and the plaintive flock of landscapes
The cypress trees projected their shadows under the moon
That night when as summer waned I listened
To a languorous bird forever wroth
And the eternal noise of a river wide and dark
(The Voyager)

Pierre Albert-Birot

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#7. It is so still and transcendent, the cypress trees poise like flames of forgotten darkness, that should have been blown out at the end of the summer. For as we have candles to light the darkness of night, so the cypresses are candles to keep the darkness aflame in the full sunshine.

D.H. Lawrence

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#8. I grew up in Mobile, Alabama - somebody's got to be from Mobile, right? - and Mobile sits at the confluence of five rivers, forming this beautiful delta. And the delta has alligators crawling in and out of rivers filled with fish and cypress trees dripping with snakes, birds of every flavor.

Mike DeGruy

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#9. Identification of rhythm as the casual counterpart of life; wherever there is some life, only perceptible to us when the analogies are sufficiently close.

Alfred North Whitehead

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#10. I have always had a deep connection with my faith, and I was fortunate to have been brought up in a Christian environment. My faith is a very important part of who I am.

Roma Downey

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#11. Within its gates I heard the sound
Of winds in cypress caverns caught
Of huddling tress that moaned, and sought
To whisper what their roots had found.
("A Dream of Fear")

George Sterling

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#12. How you gather, manage and use intel in life determines whether you win or lose. That's the # 1 rule for the mavericks in business.

Ziad K. Abdelnour

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#13. I want fans to give me advice on girls; why do they always say they don't look good in pictures, even though they look great?

Kevin Jonas

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#14. We protect nature not for nature's sake but for our own sake because it's the infrastructure of our communities ...

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

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#15. When it's all over, you're remembered for what you did, not what you said you were going to do.

Jodi Picoult

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#16. His laugh and his voice were both pleasant. He talked the way New Yorkers used to talk before they learned to talk Flatbush.

Raymond Chandler

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#17. Your version of the truth is all that matters.

James D'arcy

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#18. When I am dead, my dearest,
Sing no sad songs for me

Christina Rossetti

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#19. The brain has not explained the mind fully.

Wilder Penfield

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#20. Leave me to die a lonely death.
An artist's death.
A writer's playground.
A painter's background.
A philosopher's bread and butter.
An endeavor that we
all face. I just hope that
I'm not the only one

A.P. Sweet

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#21. Top athletes are like warriors.

Lily James

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