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Top 7 Quotes About Credibilidad

#1. I think being gay is a blessing, and it's something I am thankful for every single day. - Author: Anderson Cooper
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#2. There are instances in which it might seem more appropriate or accurate to include an exclamation point with a question mark. This has given rise to a unique punctuation mark known as the "interrobang" ( - Author: Farlex International
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#3. Fear is the guard dog that is protecting the fortress of spiritual prosperity. When the dog starts barking, we know that the treasure he is guarding is near. - Author: Bill Johnson
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#4. I must say ... that I ruined myself: and that nobody, great or small, can be ruined except by his own hand. - Author: Oscar Wilde
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#5. With abstract work, I never was quite sure what it was that felt right about the painting, but I did know that I responded to it and I liked whatever it was offering me. - Author: Kurt Wagner
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#6. The reason that a good citizen does not use such destructive means to become wealthier is that, if everyone did so, we would all become poorer from the mutual destructiveness. - Author: Richard Stallman
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#7. I am at two with nature. - Author: Woody Allen
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