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Top 61 Quotes About Contradicting

#1. I write plays because writing dialogue is the only respectable way of contradicting yourself. I put a position, rebut it, refute the rebuttal, and rebut the refutation. - Author: Tom Stoppard
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#2. It seems that the hurdle you have to jump over is everyone's informed opinion. When you're a young playwright, you're probably too precarious in your own technique to understand that when these seemingly informed opinions are contradicting each other, it becomes this paralyzing monolith. - Author: Richard Greenberg
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#3. If anyone accuses me of contradicting myself, I shall reply; I have been wrong once or more often, however I do not aspire to be always wrong. - Author: Luc De Clapiers
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#4. Humans generally get out the gist of what they need to say right at the beginning, then spend forever qualifying, contradicting, burnishing or taking important things back. Yor rareley miss anything by cutting most people off after two sentences. - Author: Richard Ford
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#5. Molly loved secret histories. She also loved contradicting accounts of the same historical events. She liked ambiguities. She liked answer-less questions. - Author: Catie Disabato
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#6. Out the window in the distance, contradicting the prairie, a mirage of downtown Chicago ascended to a kind of lurid acropolis, its light as if from nightly immolation warped to the red end of the spectrum, smoldering as if always just about to explode into open flames. - Author: Thomas Pynchon
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#7. Not contradicting a point and proving it are different things. - Author: Brandon Sanderson
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#8. Complete liberty of contradicting and disproving our opinion, is the very condition which justifies us in assuming its truth for purposes of action; and on no other terms can a being with human faculties have any rational assurance of being right. - Author: John Stuart Mill
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#9. But me contradicting a news story is not going to make my words fact. It will just create a new news story. - Author: Megan Fox
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#10. When Jesus calls his disciples 'brothers' and 'friends', he is contradicting general Jewish usage and breaking through into a new concept of brotherhood which is not tribal, but open to any person. - Author: David Kirk
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#11. Many countries had a hand in raising me. I am the product of many contradicting philosophies and cultures ... My entire universe is comprised of these foreign traditions. If any one of these experiences are to be ignored, I wouldn't be the same. - Author: Masiela Lusha
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#12. We live in a true chaos of contradicting authorities, an age of conformism without community, of proximity without communication. - Author: Germaine Greer
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#13. It is regrettable that, among the Rights of Man, the right of contradicting oneself has been forgotten. - Author: Charles Baudelaire
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#14. A religion contradicting science and a science contradicting religion are equally false. - Author: P.D. Ouspensky
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#15. When death brings at last the desired forgetfulness, it abolishes life and being together, and sets the seal on the knowledge that "being" is merely a continual "has been," a thing that lives by denying and destroying and contradicting itself. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#16. One man told me, 'My tooth is hurting'. Why would 'your' tooth hurt you? This is considered a contradicting statement. What is yours, it will never give you pain and what is not yours will always give you pain. If you expound on this, you will have the solution! - Author: Dada Bhagwan
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#17. He can switch from one view to another with frightening ease. I think it is a sign of being accustomed to such power that the truth does not matter because you cannot be contradicted. - Author: Anna Funder
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#18. When another asserted something that I thought an error, I denied myself the pleasure of contradicting him. - Author: Walter Isaacson
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#19. In science the new is an advance; but in morals, as contradicting our inner ideals and historic idols, it is ever a retrogression. - Author: Jean Paul
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#20. The very things I used to be told off for - daydreaming, exaggerating, making mistakes, wild guessing, contradicting, spying, being obsessive, being reckless - for these, suddenly, I am being praised. - Author: Selima Hill
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#21. We made quite a crew, all talking at once, contradicting and sparring, a cacophony of affectionate arguing. - Author: Patti Smith Just Kids
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#22. I should as soon think of contradicting a bishop - Author: Samuel Johnson
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#23. Twitter is about creating whatever persona you want to create and either sticking with it or changing it or evolving it or contradicting it, and I've done all that stuff. - Author: Michael Ian Black
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#24. Churchgoing is not synonymous with personal spirituality. There are some people who get so busy in church worship and projects that they become insensitive to the pressing human needs that sourround them, contradicting the very precepts they profess to believe deeply. - Author: Stephen R. Covey
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#25. I don't have any mottoes. If I did I would forever be contradicting them. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
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#26. The Church in the Philippines is called to acknowledge and combat the causes of the deeply rooted inequality and injustice which mar the face of Filipino society, plainly contradicting the teaching of Christ. - Author: Pope Francis
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#27. I like films that take their time a little bit more and don't show you all of their cards right away, characters that are conflicted and contradicting and seem one way at first and then suddenly turn out to be something else. - Author: Oscar Isaac
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#28. Well now you're contradicting yourself. With balance there cannot be chaos. With randomness there can be no punishment. You're pleading for punishment in hopes that you'll see your God. Without punishment there is no God. If there is balance then there is your Lord. If balance then afterlife. - Author: Dave Eggers
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#29. Lightning never strikes twice in the same place
it doesn't have to. - Author: Harry Hershfield
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#30. Avoid singularity. There may often be less vanity in following the new modes than in adhering to the old ones. It is true that the foolish invent them, but the wise may conform to, instead of contradicting, them. - Author: Joseph Joubert
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#31. The challenge - and much of the fun - of writing in an established future history lies in incorporating new knowledge while remaining true to what has gone before. Expanding and enriching, not contradicting. - Author: Edward M. Lerner
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#32. If he exalts himself, I humble him.
If he humbles himself, I exalt him.
And I go on contradicting him
Until he understands
That he is a monster that passes all understanding. - Author: Blaise Pascal
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#33. What we agree with leaves us inactive, but contradiction makes us productive. - Author: Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
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#34. What again could this astonishing thing be like which people were so anxious to contradict, that in doing so they did not mind contradicting themselves? - Author: G.K. Chesterton
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#35. Intelligence is measured by a person's ability to see validity within both sides of contradicting arguments. - Author: F Scott Fitzgerald
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#36. The writer who's afraid to contradict himself will never write anything. - Author: Marty Rubin
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#37. We . . . go out into the Waste Land of Experts, each knowing so much about so little that he can neither be contradicted nor is worth contradicting. - Author: G.M. Young
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#38. The joy is an absurd yellow tulip, popping up in my life, contradicting all the evidence that shows it should not be there. - Author: Marya Hornbacher
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#39. Theory is worth but little, unless it can explain its own phenomena, and it must effect this without contradicting itself; therefore, the facts are sometimes assimilated to the theory, rather than the theory to the facts. - Author: Charles Caleb Colton
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#40. Dear Lord, make me a better parent. Teach me to understand my children, to listen patiently to what they have to say and to answer all their questions kindly. Keep me from interrupting them, talking back to them, and contradicting them. Make me as courteous to them as I would have them to be to me. - Author: Gary Myers
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#41. Man is free, in so far as he has the power of contradicting himself and his essential nature. Man is free even from his freedom; that is, he can surrender his humanity - Author: Paul Tillich
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#42. Hypocrisy, is when individuals become abnoxiously contradicting, unrealistically criticizing the government of South Sudan, but yet are part of the puzzle underneath the Salva Kiir's regime. - Author: Audrey Hepburn
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#43. Constantly contradicting yourself because you genuinely see multiple sides to most situations. - Author: Heidi Priebe
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#44. How can what an Englishman believes be hearsay? It is a contradiction in terms. - Author: George Bernard Shaw
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#45. The centre of the universe and only rotates on its axis without going from east to west, is a very dangerous attitude and one calculated not only to arouse all Scholastic philosophers and theologians but also to injure our holy faith by contradicting the Scriptures. - Author: Robert Bellarmine
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#46. Nietzsche said that the earth has been a madhouse long enough. Without contradicting him we might perhaps soften the expression, and say that philosophy has been long enough an asylum for enthusiasts. - Author: George Santayana
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#47. I always want to be the thing I feel kinship with...
To feel everything in every way,
To hold all opinions,
To be sincere contradicting oneself every minute... - Author: Alvaro De Campos
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#48. Her Brooklyn accent only comes out when she's angry. This is the best part ... I pick at my pancakes while she tells me, simply, "It's ok to change your mind." About a feeling, a person, a promise of love. I can't stay just to avoid contradicting myself. I don't have to watch him cry. - Author: Lena Dunham
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#49. Emotions are virtually always responses to thoughts. That's great news, because while it's impossible to control an emotion once a thought has triggered it, we can change our thoughts deliberately. We do this not by contradicting them, but by questioning them. EXPLANATION: - Author: Martha N. Beck
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#50. What is considered [True] Knowledge? There should be solution from all sides, there should be no contradiction. It is a non-contradicting principle when a spoken sentence will be the same even after fifty years; there will be no contradictions. - Author: Dada Bhagwan
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#51. If the Pope were to deny that the death penalty could be an exercise of retributive justice, he would be overthrowing the tradition of two millenia of Catholic thought, denying the teaching of several previous popes, and contradicting the teaching of Scripture. - Author: Avery Dulles
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#52. Only the 'Right belief' gives rise to non-contradicting principle and that which is free from contradiction is known as 'Principle'. - Author: Dada Bhagwan
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#53. You get what you pay for. - Author: Gabriel Biel
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#54. Most of us are in touch with our intuition whether we know it or not, but we're usually in the habit of doubting or contradicting it so automatically that we don't even know it has spoken - Author: Shakti Gawain
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#55. Truths may clash without contradicting each other. - Author: Antoine De Saint-Exupery
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#56. I write plays because dialogue is the most respectable way of contradicting myself. - Author: Tom Stoppard
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#57. Human logic may be rationally adequate, but it is also existentially deficient. Faith declares that there is more than this - not contradicting, but transcending reason. - Author: Alister E. McGrath
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#58. It is a wonderful thing in the process of writing when such paper characters are first sketched, and, when one is doing good work, from a certain point in time they come alive and start contradicting the author as well. - Author: Gunter Grass
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#59. We are lying to ourselves when we're not contradicting ourselves. - Author: Marty Rubin
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#60. Avoid contradicting in general, especially people you love. - Author: Maurice Baring
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#61. However, he also trusted me to make my own decisions. Contradicting me or telling me what to do wasn't in his nature - even though he secretly may have wanted to. - Author: Richelle Mead
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