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Top 11 Quotes About Computer Passwords

#1. Even complex passwords are getting easy to break if they're too short. That's because today's inexpensive computer chips have the power of supercomputers from the year 2000. - Author: Barton Gellman
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#2. I think it goes back to my high school days. In computer class, the first assignment was to write a program to print the first 100 Fibonacci numbers. Instead, I wrote a program that would steal passwords of students. My teacher gave me an A. - Author: Kevin Mitnick
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#3. Passwords are like underwear: you don't let people see it, you should change it very often, and you shouldn't share it with strangers. - Author: Chris Pirillo
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#4. Desire and happiness cannot live together. - Author: Epictetus
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#5. One function, at least, of true wilderness is to provide a refuge from the crassitudes of civilization-whether visible, intangible, audible-whether of billboard, of pavement, of auto horn-all of these are urban essences; all are negations of wilderness. - Author: Benton MacKaye
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#6. Ironing boards are a classic example of something I find horrible about modern society: the excitementation, for want of a better word, of mundane things. Funny ironing board covers - I hate them. - Author: Daniel Radcliffe
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#7. Low self esteem results when the inner critic prevails. - Author: Catherine Cardinal
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#8. There are things you forget naturally-computer passwords, your father's continuing relationship with life-and then there are things you can't forget that you wish you could. - Author: David Sedaris
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#9. People think top singers are overpaid, but opera houses have a top fee, which is a good thing. Of course concerts are different- everyone wants to make as much money as possible. - Author: Bryn Terfel
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#10. To all the women that I've offended, I had no intention to be offensive, to violate any physical or emotional space. I was trying to establish personal relationships, but the combination of awkwardness and hubris led to behavior that I think many found offensive. - Author: Bob Filner
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#11. I have met with some of them - very honest fellows, who, with all their stupidity, had a kind of intelligence and an upright good sense, which cannot be the characteristics of fools. - Author: Giacomo Casanova
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