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Top 18 Quotes About Colonial Powers

#1. We must restore faith in politics. Reform of the House of Lords is only one part of the answer, but it is a vital one. - Author: Charles Kennedy
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#2. Out of complexity, find simplicity! - Author: Albert Einstein
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#3. I don't know what caused my tinnitus, but I started to become aware of a very low ringing noise in my right ear, which is now constantly there. - Author: Martin McGuinness
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#4. A latecomer on the scene, Germany had only been able to pick up the scraps and crumbs left over by European colonial powers that had enjoyed a head start on them. - Author: Richard J. Evans
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#5. One of the most serious errors, if not the most serious error, committed by colonial powers in Africa, may have been to ignore or underestimate the cultural strength of African peoples. - Author: Amilcar Cabral
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#6. The trouble with psychology is that it doesn't take human nature into account. - Author: Ruth Rendell
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#7. Of course former colonial powers are always more present and influential. They're the ones who need to defend the EU's values on the frontlines. - Author: Alvaro De Vasconcelos
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#8. Among Europe's Great Powers only Austria-Hungary remained without a colonial empire. - Author: Charles Emmerson
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#9. Most correspondents came from the former colonial powers - there were British, French, and a lot of Italians, because there were a lot of Italian communities there. And of course there were a lot of Russians. - Author: Ryszard Kapuscinski
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#10. I could talk about Blade Runner forever. - Author: Brion James
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#11. It's nice to finally be thought of as sexy. I'm very disconnected from the sensual side of me, I know it's in me, but it doesn't really reveal itself very often in my personal life, which I do find problematic. - Author: Amanda Seyfried
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#12. Colonialism is known in its primitive form, that is to say, by the permanent settling of repressive foreign powers, with an army, services, policies. This phase has known cruel colonial occupations which have lasted 300 years in Indonesia. - Author: Ahmed Ben Bella
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#13. Adopt the pace of nature, said Ralph Waldo Emerson. Her secret is patience. Ray - Author: Lisa Unger
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#14. You have to realize that up until about 1959, Africa was dominated by the colonial powers. And by the colonial powers of Europe having complete control over Africa, they projected Africa always in a negative light - jungles, savages, cannibals, nothing civilized. - Author: Malcolm X
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#15. You call me your girl one more time and I'm going to turn your gonads into plums and make jam out of them. - Author: Kim Harrison
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#16. Human love didn't eradicate God, but it put Him into His proper distant second place. - Author: Glen Duncan
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#17. For 200 years, the dominant powers have also been the colonial powers: the European countries, the U.S. and Japan. They have never been required to pay their dues for what they did to those whom they possessed and treated with contempt. - Author: Martin Jacques
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#18. When our heads are fullest of care, and our hands of business, yet we must not forget our religion, nor suffer ourselves to be indisposed for acts of devotion. - Author: Matthew Henry
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