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#1. Literally thousands of e-mails over the course of a book go out to people I've never met, people who might end up being the focus of a chapter. - Author: Mary Roach
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#2. People have defining moments, i suppose, especially when they're children. - Author: Markus Zusak
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#3. A woman never thoroughly cares for her
lover until he has ceased to care for her; and it is not until you have
snapped your fingers in Fortune's face and turned on your heel that she
begins to smile upon you. - Author: Jerome K. Jerome
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#4. Always the seer is a sayer," Emerson wrote. "Somehow his dream is told; somehow he publishes it with solemn joy. - Author: Paul Kalanithi
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#5. With sixty professors there are roughly eighteen hundred pairs of professors. Out of that many pairs it was not surprising that there were some whose members did not like one another. - Author: Stanislaw Ulam
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#6. What would I do without you?"
"You'll never find out. - Author: Melissa Marr
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#7. Satisfying natural desires is fine, but natural desires have a way of being both competitive and consequential. - Author: Wallace Stegner
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#8. The sense that thousands and millions of children and young people are being sexually violated and that there's this huge silence about it around me angers me. - Author: Sunitha Krishnan
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#9. Just a man, with a face-shaped face, - Author: Robert A. Heinlein
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#10. I think that Richard was more of a one-girl-for-the-rest-of-your-life-marry-and-make-a-family kind of guy. - Author: S.A. Tawks
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#11. Your 'Pringle' contains 30% potato, that yoghurt has the same amount of sugar as ice cream, that whole grain cereal bar may be no better for you than a snickers. - Author: Mark Bittman
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#12. The passions refuse to be organized on a basis of their own; hostile to personal freedom and one another, they rush precipitately into anarchy and mob rule. - Author: Amos Bronson Alcott
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#13. If it feels like your life has become a nasty, brackish puddle of water, never forget that you do possess the power to transform it into a beautiful, rushing stream that will carry you to enlightenment. - Author: Russell Simmons
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#14. An engagement is so potent a thing that sooner or later it reduces all who speak of it to this state of cheerful awe. - Author: E. M. Forster
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#15. Thank God for the theater. - Author: Raul Julia
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