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Top 9 Quotes About Bottled Up Feelings

#1. Unfelt feelings don't cease to exist; they stay bottled up in our minds and our bodies. They dissipate when given expression. A heart can break only if it is closed - if it remains open there is nothing to break. - Author: Jewel
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#2. Bisexuality is almost a necessary factor in artistic production; at any rate, the tinge of masculinity within me helped me in my work. - Author: Kathe Kollwitz
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#3. You will always be my best friend. - Author: Tite Kubo
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#4. Photography was so perfectly suited to my sensibility and situation, it gave me a voice, a kind of crazy, out-of-whack voice, at the beginning, but a voice. I could finally put into images bottled up feelings of absurdity and alienation - and also joy and delight. - Author: Abelardo Morell
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#5. From Rusticus . . . I learned to read carefully and not be satisfied with a rough understanding of the whole, and not to agree too quickly with those who have a lot to say about something." - MARCUS AURELIUS, MEDITATIONS, 1.7.3 - Author: Ryan Holiday
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#6. People who feel the need to push and control tend to keep their feelings bottled up. As a result, they get shut down or remote, and their feelings come out in twisted, unhealthy ways. They become irritable, passive-aggressive, or volatile, for example. - Author: Judith Orloff
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#7. In 'Night At The Museum 3,' with Ben Stiller, I was only given a couple of lines. If you are in guys' comedies, it's not like you are ever going to just get handed some jokes and a brilliant role. - Author: Rebel Wilson
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#8. Who does not dislike a "boneless" hand extended as though it were a spray of sea-weed, or a miniature boiled pudding? - Author: Emily Post
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#9. Sometimes I wrote things because I couldn't say them, couldn't sort out my feelings about them, couldn't keep them bottled inside me. - Author: Octavia E. Butler
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