Top 9 Quotes About Blitzkrieg

#1. In the early hours of 16 December 1944, the Germans launched their last great offensive of the Second World War against weakly held U.S. positions in the Ardennes Forest, the site of their original Blitzkrieg success against the French in 1940.

Saul David

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#2. In the thirteenth century the Mongol armies perfected the art of the blitzkrieg with nothing more than shaggy ponies at their disposal.

Isaac Asimov

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#3. I hate to blow the mystique, but at the time we really liked bubblegum music, and we really liked the Bay City Rollers. Their song 'Saturday Night' had a great chant in it, so we wanted a song with a chant in it: 'Hey! Ho! Let's Go!'. 'Blitzkrieg Bop' was our 'Saturday Night'.

Joey Ramone

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#4. Always Blitzkrieg your enemies.


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#5. The words "I love you" could contain all the bloodthirsty despair of the abattoir, all the hopelessness of the most isolated, frozen gulag, all the lurid sadness of death row.

Pat Conroy

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#6. The complexion of a novelist is seldom rosy (Paul Bailey once announced to a heavy-hearted audience of novelists at PEN that we have always been an ugly tribe). We are engaged in indoor activity, haemorrhoidal, prone to chillblains, poor of circulation.

Jane Gardam

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#7. To his dismay, it sounded as out of place in this somber laboratory as the book looked out of place, and he found himself rushing to keep ahead of his growing mortification, which only made it sound wilder and more foolish the faster he went. "You

Laini Taylor

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#8. Humanity prevails over all other ideologies because one accept it or reject it for him but he cannot deny it because it is about him.

Zaman Ali

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#9. Japan's inexplicable lack of response to even consider a move to re-open their market to U.S. beef will sorely tempt economic trade action against Japan.

Saxby Chambliss

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