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Top 13 Quotes About Big Curls

#1. the spectacle is an affirmation of appearances and an identification of all human social life with appearances. But a critique that grasps the spectacle's essential character reveals it to be a visible negation of life - a negation that has taken on a visible form. - Author: Guy Debord
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#2. "I believe I'll keep that one to myself, luv. If I told you all my secrets, there would be no more mystery in our relationship."
"I'm not a big fan of mysteries."
That roguish smile I once hated curls his lips and curls my insides. "Rubbish. You adore them." - Author: A.G. Howard
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#3. People say child stars have a hard time 'because of the entertainment business,' but I think there's a dysfunction before all that. I use the analogy, 'If you're a fool without money, you'll be a fool with money.' - Author: Tia Mowry
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#4. The cutest little girl with big blond curls turned and yelled, Mommmmmmm! Bearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! - Author: Shelly Laurenston
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#5. Some stains never came out. - Author: Marissa Meyer
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#6. She is prettier than her picture had prepared me for, blond curls, big blue eyes, like a fake child that someone would make in order to convince people to have children. - Author: Kevin Wilson
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#7. I used to have really long hair. It was a big fro with mad curls. - Author: Grace Gealey
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#8. My father was short for a man, with a child's plaything for a name - Spinner. He had flawless dark brown skin and a head full of big, wet-looking curls, black as oil. And he had the smile of a scoundrel - the kind of smile that disarmed men and undressed women. - Author: Charles M. Blow
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#9. I have a bronze statue of myself, naked. I have these really big curls and water comes out of every curl. It's hot. - Author: Macy Gray
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#10. I'm known for my big hair and curls. - Author: Marie Helvin
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#11. I really am super lazy and doing long hair, especially mine, is a big pain in the butt. It's filled with cowlicks and kinks and curls and frizz - and it was taking too much time in the morning. - Author: Ginnifer Goodwin
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#12. Thera started sputtering. "You fool. You idiot." She stopped because Blaethe's response was much pithier and far more creative. She nodded approvingly. "What he said. - Author: Anne Bishop
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#13. Don't think you're living when you just exist! - Author: Ahmed Mostafa
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