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#1. But Rangers don't need to go there and win, they need to go there and get a point. I think the hardest thing about it is there will be no supporters. Playing in an empty ground will be a problem for the players.

Graham Roberts

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#2. Still, when the shooting and shelling stopped, they could sometimes -- not often, but sometimes -- see that they were just someone's son, or husband, or brother.

Craig Siegel

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#3. My face was growing hot, but I kept talking. "You're the only one who believes in me most of the time."

He shook his head. "You keep us going. Everybody knows that."

"But you're the one who keeps me going. You're what I'm fighting for in all this.

Tarah Benner

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#4. Truly transformational knowledge is always personal, never merely objective. It involves knowing of, not merely knowing about. And it is always relational. It grows out of a relationship to the object that is known - whether this is God or one's self.

David G. Benner

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#5. Learning to desire God's will is not something we can accomplish by resolve and willpower. It occurs only when we live so close to God's heart that the rhythm of our own heartbeat comes to reflect the divine pulse

David G. Benner

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#6. A difference which makes no difference is no difference at all.

William James

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#7. The stage of Creation is a Timeless Marche. The three measures of Nothing, Possibility, and Chaos will eternally ensure that the script continues on.

Lionel Suggs

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#8. I've been aware of the time passing by they say in the end it's the wink of an eye and when the morning light comes streaming in you'll get up and do it again

Jackson Browne

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#9. She supposed it felt like freedom, if freedom was a fall into the unknown.

J.V. Jones

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#10. I noticed you right away." She gave me an approving look. "I like quiet, polite men. And men who wear Hugo Boss. I was hoping you weren't gay. Or that you were only half-gay. Like Paul."
"Uh ... sorry," I said. "It's pretty much full-time now. The pay's not great, but the perks ...

Josh Lanyon

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#11. This disconnection of being and doing represents a misalignment of our souls that clouds our presence to ourselves and others.

David G. Benner

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#12. Just remember: your choices matter. Don't let anyone take them away from you. We must make the choices that protect our freedom - even when they're not easy.

Tarah Benner

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#13. Each age stands on the shoulders of the one that has gone before, and out of the revolt of the old is fashioned the new.

Eloise Lownsbery

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#14. I needed to be alone for whatever would happen. I knew that something would as certainly as if this were a last chapter.

China Mieville

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#15. What does it mean?" Flynn turns to gaze at me, eyes finally meeting mine.
I find myself smiling because I know exactly what it means. "It means the clouds are clearing on Avon.

Amie Kaufman

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#16. The attitude that nature is chaotic and that the artist puts order into it is a very absurd point of view, I think. All that we can hope for is to put some order into ourselves

Willem De Kooning

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#17. The absorption and organization of sunlight, the essence of life, is derived almost exclusively through plants. Since light is the driving force of every cell in our bodies, that is why we need green plants.

Maximilian Bircher-Benner

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#18. The musty smell, the bugs, the lonliness, this room, which is part of the street outside-this is all I want from life.

Jean Rhys

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#19. overreliance bred complacency. I

Tarah Benner

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#20. When the storms of life rise and threaten to swamp you, can you quiet the waves? Can you leave that cherished boat behind and walk on the troubled waters, or do you cling to your boat like the rest of the world, certain you will drown if you step on the deep dark seas that surround you?

Ted Dekker

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#21. Spiritual friends help us most when they make clear that their job is to point the way, not to lead the way. And the Way to which they should point is Jesus.

David G. Benner

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#22. The those two great medicines: Diet and Self-Control.

Maximilian Bircher-Benner

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#23. first changing your attitude toward all these things you now think are not what they ought to be.

Joseph Benner

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#24. I don't like to say mean things about people's hard work.

Jonah Hill

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