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Top 30 Quotes About Being Too Rigid

#1. Hybridity keeps me from being rigid about most things. It has taught me to appreciate the contradictions in the world and in my life. I scavenge from the best. - Author: Jessica Hagedorn
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#2. Being bound to one particular storyline such that one's narrative is rigid, does not imply the need to avoid formulating particular other kinds of possibilities. Rather, it involves being stuck in one self-limiting, self-reinforcing set of possibilities. - Author: Elizabeth F. Howell
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#3. Consideration for the rights and feelings of others is not merely a rule for behavior in public but the very foundation upon which social life is built. - Author: Emily Post
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#4. There are so many different camps about what being gay means. The danger comes when each one is so rigid that it sees itself as the true picture. - Author: Dan Butler
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#5. Hot Potato is a very different game when the people playing are starving. - Author: Demetri Martin
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#6. I'm very contra my constituency in terms of abortion because I'm positively against it. I don't have the right to any other view. My only emotion is gratitude, literally, for my life. - Author: Jack Nicholson
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#7. You can cream your dream by enriching your thought with clean and desirable things. - Author: Jaachynma N.E. Agu
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#8. Technique in the minds of many is something rigid, something like a formula that you impose on the material; but in the best stories it is something organic, something that grows out of the material, and this being the case, it is different for every story of any account that has ever been written. - Author: Flannery O'Connor
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#9. There were so many great teachers that had so much to offer. The idea of being rigid, why would you do that? People have their things, but why be rigid with any education when you can take things from here and take things from there? - Author: Johnny Depp
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#10. My favorite fighter is Phil Baroni, and I'm pretty sure it's yours too. - Author: Phil Baroni
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#11. People always say that Randy Moss can't stick to the rules. Even my own rules. - Author: Randy Moss
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#12. If you did not have any personality, you would have a tremendous presence. The more rigid your personality, the more constipated your whole being. - Author: Jaggi Vasudev
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#13. I went with agnosticism for a long, long time because I just hated to say I was an atheist - being an atheist seemed so rigid. But the more I became comfortable with the word, and the more I read, it started to stick. - Author: Julia Sweeney
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#14. The extreme of flexibility is chaos and the extreme of being structured is rigid and staying sane, or indeed using your creativity, is about being aware of these extremes and steering yourself to areas where you work best which usually tend to be more in the middle than at either extreme edge. - Author: Philippa Perry
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#15. When we are all mind, things can get rigid. When we are all heart, things can get chaotic. Both lead to stress. But when they work together, the heart leading through empathy, the mind guiding us with focus and attention, we become a harmonious human being. - Author: Arianna Huffington
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#16. You have to protect it too, you can't let just any stupid person take it and do something demoralizing with it. At the same time, I don't believe in being so rigid about controlling what happens either. - Author: Paul Auster
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#17. As best I could make out, having never heard the term until I arrived in California, being a WASP meant being mossbacked, lockjawed, rigid, humorless, cold, charmless, insipid, less than penetratingly bright, but otherwise
and inexplicably
to be envied. - Author: Kay Redfield Jamison
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#18. Women who are harassed, at work, on the street, or even online, are subject to the same rigid purity standards as women who are sexually assaulted, Just by virtue of being out in public, we're overstepping certain boundaries. - Author: Jessica Valenti
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#19. Love is short, but forgetting is long. - Author: Pablo Neruda
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#20. Give no time to finding fault of criticism. - Author: Marvin J. Ashton
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#21. I think there is a tendency for people to get rigid and caught up in their beliefs of what is right and wrong, and they lose sight of humanity. Being human has to come first before right or wrong. - Author: Matisyahu
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#22. A 'multicultural society' is a logical and physical impossibility. - Author: Satoshi Kanazawa
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#23. The Japanese are, to the highest degree, both aggressive and unaggressive, both militaristic and aesthetic, both insolent and polite, rigid and adaptable, submissive and resentful of being pushed around, loyal and treacherous, brave and timid, conservative and hospitable to new ways. - Author: Ruth Benedict
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#24. I get the feeling you're going to push me to that point and I'm going to have to show you how far I'm willing to go to get what I want." - Theoden from Embraced: Chained in Darkness - Author: Nicholas Bella
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#25. An artist, if you'd really like to know who's fucking your wife. - Author: Pella Grace
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#26. It is not a happy lot being a princess in any country, but especially Japan in which every tiny aspect of one's life is governed by the most rigid rules of protocol. - Author: Kathryn Lasky
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#27. many people criticize Meaningful Use and HIPAA for being too much and too rigid, others criticize the ONC for being too lax in certain areas. The - Author: Robert Wachter
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#28. The ideal is that your faith not be rigid and unpliable, but instead that it is capable of being stretched and remolded over time, and that your theological and spiritual life grows deeper and more mature with the passing years. - Author: Adam Hamilton
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#29. College stirred in her a certain contempt for virtues like kindness and persistence. She would have appeared to have been a kind and persistent person herself, but a steady diet of Antonioni films and an introductory course on existentialism had awakened her to the fact that she wanted more. - Author: Garth Risk Hallberg
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#30. Neuroscientists have discovered that when you ask the brain to meditate, it gets better not just at meditating, but at a wide range of self-control skills, including attention, focus, stress management, impulse control, and self-awareness. - Author: Kelly McGonigal
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