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Top 20 Quotes About Being Overdressed

#1. If I don't write it, who will? No one; at least not the way I would because the idea is uniquely mine. - Author: Tanika L. Smith
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#2. The excellence of a thing is related to its proper function. - Author: Aristotle.
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#3. Do not make yourself the subject of remarks either by being overdressed or by dressing in a lax, untidy manner. Act as though you knew that the eye of heaven is upon you, and that you are living under the approbation or disapprobation of God. - Author: Ellen G. White
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#4. I don't have the energy or the mental security to get involved with all that. I think it's a good idea to be able to disappear into the story, so that the first thing the audience sees isn't you, but the part. - Author: Jeremy Northam
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#5. The world hates change, yet it is the only thing that has brought progress. - Author: Charles Kettering
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#6. I've calmed down, certainly, from the days of being 18, but I'm still having a good time. - Author: Christian Slater
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#7. The overdressed traveler betrays more interest in being seen than in seeing, while the true traveler knows that the novel world about her serves as the most appropriate accessory. - Author: Gregory Maguire
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#8. Successful program management is about choosing a right pathway and owning the advantages and disadvantages of the chosen path, because in the real world the optimal or perfect path doesn't exist. - Author: James T. Brown
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#9. The nice thing about political pundits is that, when they answer a question, one no longer understands what they were asked. - Author: Indro Montanelli
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#10. Take the road less travelled. - Author: Robin Sharma
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#11. I don't ever wanna drink again, I just, ooh I just need a friend - Author: Amy Winehouse
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#12. Beauty
Is the fume-track of necessity. This thought
Is therapeutic.
If, after several
Applications, you do not find
Relief, consult your family physician - Author: Robert Penn Warren
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#13. He atones for being occasionally somewhat overdressed by being always absolutely over-educated. He is a very modern type. - Author: Oscar Wilde
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#14. My nightmare of nightmares is being overdressed for a casual event - I've done it! You have to have a real sense of what you want to communicate. - Author: Nina Garcia
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#15. It's been a while since I've written a novel aimed at the adult market, but I never sit down and say to myself, 'Okay, now I'm going to write something for us old folks.' I get gripped by an idea, and I go where the idea takes me. - Author: Rick Yancey
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#16. In my mind, being overdressed is not a bad thing at all. What's the worst case scenario? That you are the best-dressed person in the room? Who cares! - Author: Rachel Zoe
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#17. Where once his grandparents put up crucifixes and images of the benediction on their walls, he and Reine-Marie put up books on theirs. History books. Reference books. Biographies. Fiction, nonfiction. Stories lined the walls and both insulated them from the outside world and connected them to it. - Author: Louise Penny
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#18. There are very few high-quality garments being produced at all. A very, very, very small amount. So small that most people never even see it in their lifetimes. People are wearing rags, basically. - Author: Elizabeth Cline
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#19. War had given Francis his respite, and success had brought him his final reward: the freedom he wished from his marriage. The licence, if he desired it, to go back to Russia. The knowledge, one supposed, that, severed from Philippa, he could allow the past to lie in peace, and cease troubling him. - Author: Dorothy Dunnett
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#20. What we believe in is what works. - Author: William J. Clinton
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