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Top 31 Quotes About Bear Animal

#1. Perhaps I am a bear, or some hibernating animal underneath, for the instinct to be half asleep all winter is so strong in me. - Author: Anne Morrow Lindbergh
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#2. You're getting too old for a stuffed animal. So we traded your bear for a toaster. - Author: Philip C. Stead
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#3. Animals are so beautiful. Why does an American dentist need to go to Africa to kill them? Look, I get it. You're a hunter? Go kill a deer and eat it or a bear where there's a lot of them. But I just don't get it. - Author: Eric Bolling
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#4. It's almost ingrained in people that, just like you can't be a smart model, you can't be a good-looking cook. - Author: Giada De Laurentiis
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#5. He has tears in his eyes now. The sight is more than I can bear. He takes two steps away from me and then turns back like a caged animal. "Do you even love me?" he suddenly asks. He grips both of my shoulders. "I've said it to you before, and I still mean it. But I've never heard it from you. - Author: Marie Lu
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#6. I have no Native American heritage, but I had decided as a child that my spirit guide animal would be a bear. We were both loners and fighters, at least that's how I looked at it. I don't know how the Great Bear felt about it, as I had never given him the option to say no. - Author: John Conroe
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#7. 'He'll probably end up angling for a threesome. Then I'll have to get my animal name so I can be a part of the group. So Native American of you white boys. I'll probably go for something like Falcon. Or Wolf.'
'Jackass suits you better,' Anna intones. - Author: T.J. Klune
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#8. We are storytelling animals, and cannot bear to acknowledge the ordinariness of our daily lives. - Author: Stephen Jay Gould
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#9. He's got so much drugs and alcohol in him right now that about the only thing I could order him to do and expect a response on would be to smile. - Author: Heather Graham
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#10. Only when we find the courage to explore our fears will we have the power to wholeheartedly embrace love. - Author: Shannon Tanner
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#11. This is solute, which will cause every animal killed by Halo action to instantly decay into component molecules. This will avert an ecological miasma. But it could also be construed as a way to hide a tremendous crime from later investigators. - Author: Greg Bear
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#12. Orioles fought with tigers, blue jays battled against angels, bear cubs warred with giants, and none of it made any sense. A baseball player was a man, and yet once he joined a team he was turned into an animal, a mutant being, or a spirit who lived in heaven next to God. According - Author: Paul Auster
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#13. A hunt based only on trophies taken falls far short of what the ultimate goal should be ... time to commune with your inner soul as you share the outdoors with the birds, animals, and fish that live there. - Author: Fred Bear
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#14. Every blade of grass, every insect, ant, and golden bee, all so amazingly know their path, though they have not intelligence, they bear witness to the mystery of God and continually accomplish it themselves. - Author: Fyodor Dostoevsky
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#15. Grown-ups get lonely at night, and they like to have someone to sleep with. Like Mom and Daddy do. I have my bear," she continued, referring to her favorite stuffed animal. "So I don't get lonely. - Author: Nora Roberts
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#16. Now comes the difficult part: you must provoke the animal that is afflicting you. Tiger, rhinoceros, ostrich, wild boar, brown bear- no matter the beast, you must get its goat. - Author: Yann Martel
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#17. I love the idea of species fluidity, I guess, the sense of the maiden inherent in the swan or seal, the youth inherent in the bear or deer. After all, human beings are animals. - Author: Delia Sherman
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#18. The day should come when all of the forms of life ... will stand before the court - the pileated woodpecker as well as the coyote and bear, the lemmings as well as the trout in the streams. - Author: William O. Douglas
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#19. My favorite animal is a polar bear. They're going extinct, and I really don't want that to happen. - Author: Quvenzhane Wallis
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#20. Hey. My life's not all about weird little creatures pretending to be teddy bears. From Tribe of the Teddy Bear. - Author: J. Joseph Wright
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#21. Women always enter a relationship like they do an apartment. A few flowers here, a throw pillow there - the next thing you know, the walls are covered in pastel paintings. - Author: Dannika Dark
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#22. When I consider that the noble animals have been exterminated here - the cougar, panther, lynx, wolverine, wolf, bear, moose, deer, the beaver, the turkey, etc, etc - I cannot but feel as I lived in a tamed, and, as it were, emasculated country. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
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#23. I'd be a dog, a monkey, or a bear, or anything but that vain animal who is so proud of being rational. - Author: John Wilmot
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#24. Deer must be in the forest not in the zoo; monkey must be in the forest, not in the zoo; bear must be in the forest, not in the zoo! Animal prisons must be abolished! - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
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#25. I always wanted to be a cowboy. But alas! I was burdened early with certain inescapable obligations to world literature. - Author: Edward Abbey
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#26. Mr. Bear, you know in the eyes of the Lord, we're both beasts. - Author: Jimmy Buffett
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#27. I never kissed a bear, I've never kissed a goon, but I can shake a chicken in the middle of a room. - Author: Wanda Jackson
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#28. Of course I was drawn to the sun bears, they're fascinating. But so are tigers and lots of other animals at the zoo. Probably a big part of the reason I felt so connected to them was because of their name: SUN BEAR. - Author: Matthew Zapruder
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#29. My favorite animal in the park is the grizzly, icnonic, graceful, and with eyes that seem to know, and what they know is sad. - Author: Danielle Rohr
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#30. The smoothest curled courtier in the boudoirs of a palace has an animal nature, rude and aboriginal as a white bear. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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#31. A downed animal is most certainly the object of a hunting trip, but it becomes an anticlimax when compared to the many other pleasures of the hunt. - Author: Fred Bear
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