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Top 15 Quotes About Bass Drops

#1. There is nothing to lose in life. Be courageous! - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#2. I'm an aspiring writer.' I hate that phrase. You're either a writer or you're not. - Author: Jake Black
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#3. You don't really see ugly people that are old, or a bit grotty and smelly, in the media. If a Martian came down, they would think we were all tall, thin, attractive and wealthy. - Author: Jo Brand
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#4. Live in the moment. Day by day! Tomorrow isnt promised so if you thought about it ... even just for a second ... DO IT! - Author: B.M. Hardin
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#5. I'm a big crier in general. The right life insurance commercial will take me out for a couple of days. - Author: Ike Barinholtz
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#6. You have a delicious round birthday cake. How many equal-sized pieces can you cut the cake into by making only three straight slices with a knife and without moving any of the pieces? - Author: Zack Guido
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#7. You know how it is with writing. You just write what you want to write. There's no way to predict what is good or bad. You just do what you think is funny, and either it works or you're finished. It's impossible to predict anything. - Author: Colin Quinn
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#8. Contemplation is the loving sense of this life, this presence and this eternity. - Author: Thomas Merton
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#9. When we realize how little we mean to the universe, we realize how important we are to each other - Author: Tom DeLonge
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#10. The fact is, beneath the hype, Iraqis will soon appreciate American help and idealism far more than French perfidy. It is never wrong to be on the side of freedom - never. - Author: Victor Davis Hanson
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#11. Humility is the time that you spend in love with existence. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#12. How did people get over this? They obviously did. Every day someone fell in love with the wrong person and had to pack up all their fragile, misguided hopes and unwanted affection, and move on to the next picnic table. - Author: Josh Lanyon
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#13. The bass, no matter what kind of music you're playing, it just enhances the sound and makes everything sound more beautiful and full. When the bass stops, the bottom kind of drops out of everything. - Author: Charlie Haden
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#14. The prohibited fruit is always sweet - Author: Bangambiki Habyarimana
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#15. You can be bored with anything if you try hard enough. - Author: Samuel R. Delany
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