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Top 36 Quotes About Art Therapy

#1. In reference to Einstein's definition of insanity...
No Mr. Einstein, that is not insanity, that is autism. - Author: Eileen Miller
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#2. I create beautiful art, so I can look back on the life my body fell short of in such a way that it brings me peace. - Author: Nikki Rowe
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#3. I deal with emotional pain through therapy, writing, therapy in music. I think emotional pain is best dealt with when you use art to express it. - Author: Naturi Naughton
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#4. It's funny how people can change your life without meaning to. Even the fucked-up, crazy people leave everything different when they go away. - Author: Seanan McGuire
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#5. We all can benefit from more insights and healing. We are all in need of some form of "everyday art therapy. - Author: Nicole Steiman
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#6. The current memoir craze has fostered the belief that confession is therapeutic, that therapy is redemptive and that redemption equals art, and it has encouraged the delusion that candor, daring and shamelessness are substitutes for craft, that the exposed life is the same thing as an examined one. - Author: Michiko Kakutani
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#7. When pressed to tell people how I got myself into my current nepotism-gone-bad situation, I like to describe it as a mini-breakdown. The prefix makes all the difference. It makes it sound more like a vacation than a condition best treated with medication and art therapy. - Author: Jill A. Davis
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#8. Art, for example, becomes "art therapy." When patients make music, it becomes "music therapy." When the arts are used for "therapy" in this way, they are degraded to a secondary position. - Author: James Hillman
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#9. Imagination is tapping into the subconscious in a form of open play. That is why art or music therapy, which encourages a person to take up brushes and paint or an instrument, and just express themselves, is so powerful. - Author: Phil 'Philosofree' Cheney
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#10. We are set in our ways, bound by our perspectives and stuck in our thinking. - Author: Joel Osteen
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#11. Art can permeate the very deepest part of us, where no words exist. - Author: Eileen Miller
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#12. Music is an art that goes well beyond science. Proof can be found in the huge amount of studies that have been carried out throughout the world based on music-therapy and the important results achieved. - Author: Andrea Bocelli
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#13. Art is like therapy; what comes up is what comes up. It may be dark, but that's what comes up. You may want to keep some of it in a drawer but never judge it. - Author: Nick Bantock
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#14. I mean, look, teachers don't do their job for the money, obviously, because we pay them ridiculously little amounts for what they put in. Most of them come out of their own pocket for materials and things to help the children and all that. - Author: Phil McGraw
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#15. Some people are racist. Some people are jealous. Some people are just fucking ignorant, she says, her eyes coming up to meet mine as her fingers let go of my shirt. Don't let someone else dictate how your heart feels about someone - Author: Ginger Scott
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#16. Because we cannot scrub our inner body we need to learn a few skills to help cleanse our tissues, organs, and mind. This is the art of Ayurveda. - Author: Sebastian Pole
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#17. I'm interested in how artists and writers do this, using art as therapy. Escaping into the worlds we create. We're all victims and few of us are truly free. - Author: David Lloyd
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#18. My reality isn't as gracious as it use to be, so I create things that are. - Author: Nikki Rowe
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#19. Heart ring in the night; Lights shine from your eyes - Marble crunching the snow. - Author: Kristian Goldmund Aumann
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#20. McNiff, S. (1992) Art as Medicine: Creating a Therapy of - Author: Debra Kalmanowitz
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#21. If you don't think the wheel should be reinvented then you are suffering from the lack of creative imagination. - Author: Matthew Donnelly
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#22. I make art when I can't gather the words to say. - Author: Nikki Rowe
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#23. With the art therapy, as soon as they saw the paper and crayons coming, we couldn't get it out fast enough. And we told them to draw about the tsunami. - Author: Connie Sellecca
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#24. You okay there, Stiff?" he says. "You look like you're about to cry. I might go easy on you if you cry. - Author: Veronica Roth
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#25. Will you teach me how to paint?"
"Just paint."
"I'm not any good."
"Do it for therapy. You can go to art school later. - Author: Benjamin Alire Saenz
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#26. Oh, as I stood above the Neva this morning at dawn I knew I was a villian. - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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#27. If art is therapy, if art is to inspire, if art is a weapon, if it is a medicine to heal soul wounds, if it makes one not feel alone in his or her visions, or if it serves as transportation to a higher self, then that is where I aspire to live every day. - Author: Rudy Gutierrez
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#28. Therapy is to make one happy. What is the point of that? Happy people are not interesting. Better to accept the burden of unhappiness and try to turn it into something worthwhile, poetry or music or painting: that is what he been believes. - Author: J.M. Coetzee
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#29. I have to remember, too, that sex is one of those areas - like religion and politics - where otherwise decent and rational people may have intense, irrational feelings. - Author: Oliver Sacks
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#30. I was born into a very religious family with no TVs and a very strict Episcopal Christian religion. Music was my outlet and more of my therapy than anything, but yeah, it was the one thing in life that I've had, art and music. - Author: DJ Ashba
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#31. It's not too difficult to get the skeletons out of the closet with people, but to get the gold out is a different matter. That is therapy. Psychology is the Art of finding the gold of the spirit. - Author: Robert Johnson
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#32. In magic we have a variety of "uses" for our art beyond magic itself, which reminds me of the notion of art therapy. The rendering of art inferior to therapy is an interesting one: interesting in the sense that it makes me want to vomit angrily. - Author: Derren Brown
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#33. Autism: Where the "randomness of life" collides and clashes with an individual"s need for the sameness~ - Author: Eileen Miller
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#34. Presidents Truman and Nixon left office under dark clouds of scandal and with abysmal levels of support, but with the passage of time, both have been reassessed far more positively. - Author: Monica Crowley
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#35. Back pocket Richie took a flattened can which had once held Del Monte pineapple chunks. There was a ragged hole about two inches in diameter through - Author: Stephen King
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#36. When nothing else worked, we created a holistic, hand-tailored program that saved Pax's life. At Passages, he and I use what we learned in curing him to help other discover the roots of their addiction or alcoholism and break free. - Author: Chris Prentiss
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